NCSettings – System Toggles for Notification Center

I discovered this hack on accident… kind of. NCSettings is a toggle hack and I already have SBSettings installed (another toggle hack). I wasn’t really looking to replace it, however I was looking for an easier way to toggle my mute on/off. Why you ask… because my mute switch is broken. Sad day. I blame it on children. The need to turn the mute switch on and off a million times a day apparently was not tested thoroughly. Apple really should have tested the mute switch on mothers of young children. ANYWAY… my mute switch is broken and I was getting seriously sick of moving my Accessibility AssistiveTouch button around constantly so that I could tap on things. And then Evasi0n was released and there were tears of joy (ok, there were not really tears of joy but I was happy).

NCSettings is a hack that adds a list of toggles to your Notification Center. It’s a clean little hack that allows you to toggle 18 different functions. There are also a few convenient customization options such as the ability to add/remove toggles from the display, ability to choose the number of toggles displayed before scrolling, etc. A few things I like about NCSettings are that it takes up very little space in the Notification Center and it is super clean… just icons. It did take me a little while to remember which icon stood for which function but, the mind adapts. Oh, I almost forgot, I also love that I can toggle my flash from there as well. No more searching for my flashlight app!

You will find the options for NCSettings in the stock Settings application.

Note: Don’t forget to go into the Notifications option in your Settings app and move NCSettings up into the active apps list. I moved NCSettings all the way to the top of my list so that it would display first in my Notification Center… since it is so pretty and all.


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  1. sbsettings was the first thing i installed after kb, but after discovering ncsettings, no more. its simplicity was the thing for me.

    but i use it below the weather and share parts.