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Should Our Family Share an Account in the App Store?

Lots of people wonder if they should share an account in the App Store with people in their family. I highly recommend it and in this video I explain how it works and why you should. If you have anymore questions that I didn’t cover in the video just leave a comment below. [Read more…]

My iPhone Says, “Not Enough Storage”. What Should I Do?

Do you wake up to your iPhone with this message, “Not Enough Storage, This iPhone cannont be backed up because there is not enough iCloud storage available. You can manage your storage in Setting.”? In this video I can help you get rid of this message and I explain what the iCloud is and how to use it best. I’ve also made a video explaining “What is iCloud and Should I Turn it On?” Below is a step by step guide that I use in the video. I would recommend watching the video before doing the steps below so you understand what the settings mean and do. [Read more…]

When Will The New Firmware (iOS 7) Come Out?

Here I answer the question everyone wants to know right now. When is the new firmware coming out? I’ll share my predictions of when the firmware will be released and about the new iPhone 5S. [Read more…]

What Can I Do With My iPhone Pictures If I Don’t Have a Computer?

A friend of mine asked me recently how she could save her pictures from her iPhone if it was filling up and she didn’t have a computer. In this video I give you some ideas on how you can archive your pictures online or on disk. [Read more…]

Will the iPhone Life Come With iLife?

This question assumes the new iPhone will be called iPhone Life. I hadn’t heard of that so I did a little searching and then answered the question the best I could. I do talk about my prediction about the new iPhone 5S and the budget iPhone. [Read more…]

What is iCloud and Should I Turn It On?

In this video I talk about iCloud. I explain what it is and why you should use it. I also give tips on how to customize your settings. [Read more…]

What Case Should I Get for My iPhone?

In this video I give recommendations on brands of cases and how to look for the best case that works for you. I also tell where some of my favorite places to shop are when looking for iPhone and iPad cases. [Read more…]

Can I Schedule My iPhone Ringer to Be Silent? (DND)

In this video I talk about the quick way to set up Do Not Disturb from your iPhone’s Settings app or how to get more features using a Cydia app. [Read more…]

Should I Update My iPhone & iPod touch Firmware?

In this video I share why or why you would not want to update to firmware 6.1.4. If you have anything to add or correct in my answer, just leave it in the comments below. Thanks! [Read more…]

iOS 7: Calendar

Apple’s Calendar app has a very fresh new look. Almost too fresh. I really don’t like the use of so many circles throughout the OS. You’ll see it more later in other iOS 7 apps we review. The Calendar app is very white, like many other of the iOS apps. The current day is highlighted with a red dot and days that have events have small grey dots below the date. Navigation is much easier when you get the hang of it. The year view is pretty sweet too! Check it out in the screenshots below. [Read more…]

Set Your Vacation Responder for Gmail From Your iPhone

I took an entire week off of work recently for my 10 year anniversary and one of my son’s birthdays. During the beginning of the vacation I was somehow reminded that I needed to set an auto vacation response on my Gmail account. I remembered seeing it once in the settings of the Gmail app on the iPhone so I thought I’d check it out and see how well it works. [Read more…]

iOS 7: Timer on Lockscreen

As Apple releases more Betas for iOS 7, I notice more and more features. Recently, while watering my lawn, I noticed my timer from the Clock app was displayed on my lockscreen. This is nice because it’s annoying to unlock my iPhone, type the passcode and open the app to see how much time is left. Here’s what it looks like: [Read more…]