12Seconds – Create “Video” Slideshows

Available In: App Store       Price: $0.99  

12Seconds12 seconds? Well, according to the application’s developers, this is how long one will continue paying attention to a video without losing interest. Still reading? Well, if you’re a fan of Twitter, and if you’re handy with a web cam, then chances are you might already be aware of 12seconds.tv. I was unaware of the site and as an iPhone user, I don’t have access to video recording capabilities (note to Mr. Jobs, any chance of video in a future iPhone?) Anyways, the 12seconds team has come up with a temporary solution with its native iPhone app now on sale in the App Store.

Basically, once you have a 12seconds.tv account (you can sign up quickly through the application), you can immediately record an update with your iPhone. Since there is no video capability built into the iPhone, what you will be doing is creating a 3-picture slideshow and adding 12 seconds of recorded audio to your broadcast. [Read more…]