Collage 2.2

Collage Ok, so you thought adding comments on Wallpapers was cool…now you can add comments to the photos in Collage! When you tap on a photo in Collage, you will see a new Comment option. If you already signed up for a username in Wallpaper…it will automatically sign you in and you will be able to view and leave comments. If not, you will need to enter a username, password and email address to register. Another cool new feature is that if you hang around in the app long enough, looking at the images people are adding… [Read more…]

Wallpaper 2.3

Wallpaper Man, Sean just keeps making this app better and better!! BTW – Congratulations Sean!! Version 2.3 of Wallpaper adds the ability to comment on the wallpapers! Once you are in the app, you can tap on a wallpaper and you will see a new option; Comments (all the previous options are still available). The first time you select Comments, you will need to sign up for an account. Just enter what you would like your username and password to be and your email address. Once all your information has been added, [Read more…]

Sketches 0.7

Sketches When I saw an update to Sketches, I was a little confused. I thought maybe it was just someone adding it to another source. But, after some research, it is indeed an update! Making it version 0.7 of Sketches. And let me tell you…the update is sweet! However, this is coming from a Twitter addict. Yes…it’s true…you can now Twitter the masterpieces you create in Sketches. Just tap the Send icon and where you would normally see the options Export to Photo Album and Mail Picture, you will now see Twitter as well. When you select Twitter, [Read more…]

iFlickr 0.9

iFlickriFlickr has been moved from the Ste Packaging source to the AppTapp source. However, when it was moved…it was released with a new version. Version 0.9 makes only one visual change to the app. In the menu where it used to say Send to… it now says Add Details… I like the new label, I think it makes more sense. Other than that, the app functions the same as in the previous version.

iFlickr 0.9 iFlickr 0.9

SummerBoard 3.2

SummerBoard This is the version of SummerBoard Doug has been waiting for!! Version 3.2 fixes the issue where you were unable to install more than 80 apps on your 1.1.3 or 1.1.4 iPhone! So, upgrade and install away!

SummerBoard 3.2

SummerBoard 3.1-2 Update

SummerboardSummerBoard has been updated to support 1.1.4. Brooke tried to update her 1.1.1 and got a warning saying 1.1.3 or higher is required. It updated fine on my 1.1.3. Let us know how it’s worked for you in the comments!

Installer 3.01

Installer The has an update! Crazy! When you go to refresh your sources you will get a pop-up telling you that Installer has an update (see screenshots below). You can then choose to update or to cancel. Once the update is done installing you will get another pop-up saying that you will need to restart the Installer (see screenshots below). Honestly, the only visual change I see is to the Featured page…other than that I don’t see anything visual, let me know in the comments if you notice anything. Maybe a 1.1.4 compatibility fix? I was able to update, install and uninstall apps with no problem. The is through the AppTapp Official source. Below are the screenshots.

Update: Ok, I went to refresh my sources and I got another prompt for an update so, I did it. Well, [Read more…]

Sketches 0.6

Sketches The 0.6 update for Sketches brings fun updates. You can now choose from 24 different colors instead of 6. There are also updates to the toolbar icons and other minor visual changes. Sketches 0.6 works with 1.1.4 now and can adapt to different firmwares during installation from 1.1.1 to 1.1.4. [Read more…]

NES 2.0.5

IconA couple of nice changes have come with this update, Including 1.1.3 full compatibility! And some better some ui enhancements. Here is the change log:

  • 2.0.2 Added saved game icon next to saved games in all browsers
  • More code cleanup
  • Improved swiping, removed false swipes when scrolled from center [Read more…]

Sketches 0.5

Sketches There are quite a few new features with the update to Sketches 0.5. The update to 0.5 makes Sketches compatible with version 1.1.3…making it available on any iPhone version 1.1.1 through 1.1.3. In the lower toolbar option where you previously could choose between the six possible colors, you now can pick a color and change the size of the brush. To change the brush size…just slide the little circle,located below the color options, to the left for a smaller brush and to the right for a larger brush (there seems to be a much larger range of size options now!). In the lower toolbar option where you previously could choose the size of the brush, you will now find six new features; Line, Box, Oval, Arrow line, Filled Box and Filled Oval. These options are based on multi-touch so, once you have selected one… [Read more…]

Installer Update 3.0

InstallerThe is finally out of beta and has become a full fledge app!! The new update is Installer 3.0 (notice the lack of beta at the end of that)! There are also some cool new features with the update!! When you go to install or update an app you are given the options to Install/Update the app, add the app to the Queue or Cancel. Once you have added an app to the Queue and you select another app you will then get the options to Install/Update the app, add/remove the app to the Queue, Clear the Queue or Cancel. If you add an app to the Queue it will add it to a “list” of apps that you would like to Install or update (it is not list you can see…just a list the Installer creates for itself). So, lets say you want to update Converter, iZoo and MACalc…you can go and select “Add to Queue” on Converter and iZoo and then when you get to MACalc you can select Install and it will do all three at once. [Read more…]

SummerBoard Update 3.1-1

SummerBoard This is what everyone has been waiting for (at least everyone on 1.1.3!)!! The update to SummerBoard 3.1-1 updates the app to work on version 1.1.3!! YAY! Note: You are not able to install the new version of SummerBoard if you are on any other FW besides 1.1.3. If you try to install it, you will just get an error saying that you cannot install it and that it is only for FW 1.1.3. Below is the screenshot:

SummerBoard Update 3.1-1

Installer 3.0b10 & BSD Subsystem 2.0 Updates

Installer There were updates to both the and BSD Subsystem…they are both available in the through the AppTapp Official source. Honestly, we are not really sure what the updates do…we see no visual changes to the and BSD Subsystem does not have a change log. So, if you know of any changes or you notice anything…let us know in the comments! Below are the screenshots:

Installer Update 3.0b10 BDS Subsystem Update 2.0

Launcher 0.2

Launcher Launcher is most definately not a new app…it was actually one of the first apps available on a jailbroke iPhone, you know…like back in the day! We just have never done a review of it! Launcher is a simple, yet affect app that allows you to see all of the 3rd party applications on your iPhone by putting them in an Alphebetical list. So, when you click on the Launcher icon(on the SpringBoard) it will open a list of all your 3rd party apps…you can then open any of the applications by tapping on them. It displays ALL 3rd party apps…even the ones you have hidden through Customize. This app works well if [Read more…]

Sketches Update 0.4 beta 2

Sketches There is an update to Sketches in the through the AppTapp Official source. I was really excited to see this update…because it is like Sketches…like one of the original games! But honestly…I can’t find any visual changes with the update!! Let me know in the comments if you see anything!

Sketches Update 0.4 beta 2