Balls Up – Keep the Ball Off the Ground

Balls Up The object of Balls Up is to keep the soccer ball from hitting the ground. You do so by tapping on the ball. I have to quote the developer on this because it is soooo true, “Balls Up is a simple game that’s easy to pick up and play but deceptively hard to master.”

This application does not need much of a description…tap the ball to keep it in the air. Though, I did find that if you tap towards the bottom of the ball you will have a little more success. Now, for as simple as this game is, I’m seriously terrible at it! I don’t know if I’m like not getting into the groove of things or if I haven’t found the perfect way to tap the ball or what but, I can’t get over 11!! Yes, 11! Then I got too frustrated and had to put it down! Then, I made the mistake of looking at the Online Leaderboard (which opens in the application) where people have a score of 400 or more! So, my competitiveness kicked in and I gave it another shot. [Read more…]