iApp-a-Day – Bard

Bard The app for November 24th is “Bard”. If you have played hangman then Bard will be no problem for you. Well, I take that back…since all the puzzles are Shakespeare’s prose. To choose a letter, tap on the prose you are trying to solve. Select the letter you want and tap “Could Be.” If you would like to look at the puzzle again without picking a letter, tap “Not To Be.” Each time you choose a letter it takes it out to of the option list…so, you don’t choose the same letter twice. If you pick a letter that is not in the prose it starts to build an image of a Bard (according to wiki a Bard is a professional poet from back in the day). You can only get 6 letters wrong before the game is over. Whether you have won or lost a screen pops up with a little saying and the option to play again. Below are some screenshots:

Bard Bard Bard [Read more…]