Favorite iPhone Feature – GPS

AiS Ok, last night I was driving to a dinner party (that happened to be women only…meaning Doug was not driving me there) and I realized that I have a favorite feature on my iPhone. Granted there are many features that I love about my iPhone but, last night I realized I have a favorite…GPS. The fact that you can search for a restaurant and then get directions to that restaurant based on your current location is awesome in itself but, then to watch as your little blue dot moves along the route is just AMAZING!! Before GPS on my iPhone…I used to have to wonder if I had accidentally merged onto a new street and was no longer going the correct direction. Not any more…now I can just sit back, relax and watch my blue dot! In my area the GPS is wonderfully accurate and updates very quickly!

So, back to my story, last night on my way to this dinner party, I had two sets of directions; paper and my iPhone. I decided to give the paper directions a shot. Well, needless to say, I got lost (which, if you ask Doug, doesn’t take much). When I was on the brink of panic… [Read more…]