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BubblePro I’m SURE you guys are familiar with the app “BubbleWrap”, right? If not, it’s a really addicting, yet pointless app of popping bubbles on bubble-wrap (I’m sure it’s something EVERYONE enjoyed doing as a kid). Well, meet their big sister. This app is from the same company and has the same gameplay, but with a twist: if you get the highest score, you win MONEY. Here’s how it works: the app records your high score on a huge list, and it displays the top 10 high scores when you record yours. The coolest thing about it is that contests NEVER STOP. Once one contest ends, another one begins. And they’re fairly long, usually a week.

The current contest prize is $100, with a high-score of 454!! That’s CRAZY high! And the last contest’s prize went as high as $500! The overall gameplay adds one new feature that BubbleWrap does not have. If you select an empty space, [Read more…]