CalcPaper 1.1

CalcPaper The update to CalcPaper does not make any visual changes to the application however, it does add a new iPhone Theme to the Theme options. Version 1.1 of CalcPaper also makes it compatible with the iPod Touch!! CalcPaper is available through the iSpazio Source.

CalcPaper 1.1 CalcPaper 1.1 CalcPaper 1.1

CalcPaper 1.0

CalcPaperCalcPaper is a calculator application that keeps track of your calculations on a “note” next to the calculator. When you open the app, you will get a splashscreen where you will have to wait 10 second for the app to open (you only have to wait 10 seconds with unregistered versions of the application). Once CalcPaper has opened, there will be calculator on the right and a note on the left. When functions are typed into the calculator, they are also displayed on the paper. As you continue to enter functions, they will scroll off the screen. To scroll up to previous functions, just scroll your finger up/down on the note. If you would like to add a few blank lines before you enter the next function, just tap the icon that looks like a sheet of paper and an arrow. There is also a Settings button in the upper right corner. In the Settings, [Read more…]