Chuzzle 1.3

Chuzzle I went into this game thinking it was going to be very similar to iZoo…well, I was wrong and now I have a hard time playing it because I’m soo addicted to iZoo and this game looks so much like it but it is played slightly differently!! The app opens to a loading page and then a page in which you need to tap Play to get into the game. From there you have five options…Classic Games which brings you to the game, Trophy Room which doesn’t do anything, HighScores which is blank, Quit and Options (I have a feeling we will see these options in future update). In the options menu to have the choice to turn on/off the sound, view the Credits which is blank and Done. Once you are ready to play…tap Classic Game. This will bring you to the play screen. The object of the game is to [Read more…]