Collaborative Whiteboard – Draw with another iPhone or iPod Touch over WiFi

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Collaborative Whiteboard Collaborative Whiteboard is a pretty cool drawing application. This app was actually released a few days ago but, I was planning and hosting a little boys 2nd Birthday party (an Elmo theme I might add) so, I’m just getting to review it now. I have tested this application a few times now and honestly, I like the concept. Collaborative Whiteboard is an application that allows 2 iPhones or iPod Touches to draw simultaneously on the same image. This is done via the same WiFi connection.

When you open Collaborative Whiteboard, you will get a menu screen. At the top of the screen you will notice that it says, “Waiting for others to join whiteboard.” You will also see the name of your iPhone or iPod Touch, for example; Brooke Porter’s iPhone. When another iPhone or iPod Touch that is on the same WiFi connections as your iPhone or iPod Touch opens the Collaborative Whiteboard application, it will display the title of that device (example; 1st Gen iPhone 1.1.4). You can then choose one of the devices listed. When you select one of the available devices to connect to, it will send that person a message saying, “Brooke Porter’s iPhone (or the title of the device) would like to join your whiteboard.” You can then choose to join with that device or not to. Once you have made your decision, you will both get a message saying that you are now connected (or rejected!). [Read more…]