iPhone Launch Party

AppleOk, this is why it sucks to live in Iowa. I am totally going to miss out on this party (unless someone wants to sponsor me, it’s only $500 round trip with hotel/air/car rental). It looks like some sweet apps are going to be demoed and of course it’s a great way to hook up with other developers before the big WWDC events. To RSVP you need to go to iphonelaunchparty.com The login info is u:vip p:earlysignup



Some of the apps being previewed are Delicious Library, Convert, Grunts, Plasma, and iSamurai. [Read more…]

Convert 1.1

Convert Version 1.1 of Convert adds quite a few new features! When you open the app, you will noticed there are three new measurements; Angle, Data Size and Time. You will also notice a new Settings button in the upper left corner. It includes two settings, the ability to turn on/off Load Last Used Units and Auto Hide Unit Value. Once you get into the converting screen, there is a new feature which allows you to swap the measurements! Great feature! Another cool new change to the app [Read more…]

Convert 1.0

Convert Convert is a very simple app that converts units of measurement. It gives you seven measurement in which you can convert; Area, Length, Pressure, Speed, Temperature, Volume and Weight. To get started, just tap on the measurement you would like to convert. From here you can choose a unit of measurement you want it converted from and to. The Value, is the number you would like to convert. For example, [Read more…]