Restore Time :(

Well…I just had to restore my phone for maybe the third time (bound to happen when you install and uninstall as many apps as I do) though, I do feel that this restore could have been prevented.

This is what happened: I was going through some of the apps on the and decided to install the TTR alternate color. Well, I was too quick to hit install before realizing that is was a HighTymes app (they are not compatible with 1.1.1 – at least none of the apps we have tried here at have been – they are probably the cause of at least four restores on our iPhones). I do wish their apps worked better with 1.1.1 because they have some great themes…oops, sorry, that was a tangent! Anyway, I ended up having to restore after watching my iPhone randomly turn on and off and switch through apps beyond my control (click here if you want to see a video of what it looks like). So, I did what any person in this situation would do, [Read more…]

Colloquy Version r70 Crashing

I’ve had troubles with the new Colloquy crashing. I do have 4 IRC channels open but that shouldn’t matter. The only way to fix it is to disconnect from the channels and restart Colloquy. Here are some screenshots:

Colloquy crashed Colloquy r70 Crashed Colloquy r70 Crashed
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