CubeWorld 0.0.57

CubeWorld The update to version 0.0.57 of CubeWorld changes the apps source. Instead of being available through the source, it is now available through iSpazio’s source. The only difference with the actual app is that it has a new header. Other than that, none of the Options have changed and the app performs as it did in the previous version. Oh!, I forgot, when I updated to version 0.0.57…I lost all the add-on photos that I had already installed for the app. It went back to [Read more…]

CubeWorld 0.0.56

CubeWorldCubeWorld is a very neat application, it allows you to look at all angles from the vantage point that the picture was taken. It has been labled as 3D, but I would disgree since you are looking at a 2D image. You can use your finger or the accelorometer to turn the angle of the camera in any direction, allowing a full 360 degree view up and down. (I still cant see the photographers feet, so there is some trickery!) [Read more…]