CustomizeNM This is a great app that gives you back the features of Customize 1.13 by making version 1.13 compatible with version 1.1.1 of the iPhone. One of the features that I missed the most in the new Customize (version 1.18) is the ability to change the number of icons in my dock. Thanks to modmyifone…it is back. This app is installed through the modmyifone source and adds another customize icon to your springboard titled CustomizeNM. Just like in version 1.13 you hide icons by dragging them down into the “hidden” section (to drag an icon just tap on it, which brings up three little bars on the right side, tap on those and drag the icon where you would like it.) It also has a feature to put your icons in alphabetical order. If you tap settings you will get options for the number of icons in your dock, number of icons in your springboard and the ability to restore to backup. One thing you have to remember with CustomizeNM is that you will need to tap Save before you exit or will lose all the changes you just made. [Read more…]