Cydia Queue – Queue Apps in Cydia

Cydia Ok, I’m not sure how long this has been there but, I just noticed that Cydia has a Queue feature! Yesterday, I was installing an application and I decided to Cancel it instead of Confirm it (which I rarely do)…that is when I noticed the pop-up had the options to Continue Queuing or Cancel and Clear. I was like, WHAT…when did Cydia get a queue!!! So, I thought I would check it out! Here is how it works.

When you select Install on an application, you get the next screen in which you can Confirm or Cancel the install. If you select Cancel, you are given the option to queue it or to cancel the install. If you select Continue Queuing, it will keep that app in a “Queue.” You are then able to add more applications to the queue by selecting them, selecting install, selecting cancel and then selecting the Continue Queuing option. Once you have added all the apps you would like to install to the queue, you can select Install on the last application and then select Confirm (you will notice that all the apps in your queue are listed on the Confirm page)…this will install all the apps in your queue. [Read more…]

Microsoft Buys Cydia

Cydia Ok, many of you have probably seen the new announcement in Cydia…that Microsoft has bought Cydia. This morning when I opened Cydia, I was greeted with a “new” tag on the announcement by Saurik. Of course my curiosity immediately sparked so, I clicked on the link. I then read a short blurb about how Microsoft had bought Cydia and how Cydia might be in for a few changes. Just as I finished reading the story, Doug walked around the corner and I (in a small state of shock and confusion) said, “Microsoft bought Cydia.” That is when Doug gently reminded me that today was April Fool’s Day!! I’m sad to say that I fell for this one (and I know I’m not the only one!!!). [Read more…]

Cydia Store Now Open!

CydiaAfter a long night, the Cydia Store is now open! Just to clear some things up, the Cydia Store is not a different application. It’s just an update to the current Cydia App. For those of you who do not know what I’m talking about, you will need to jailbreak your iPhone to get Cydia. It was also expected to be released last night but took a little longer than expected. Here’s some of the updates from the developer through the night and this morning that give out more details: [Read more…]

Cydia Store Launching “Tonight”

CydiaAccording to a recent tweet from @Saurik, “Tonight (late) a new Cydia will come out with one package “for sale” (more over the next week): more details will be in Cydia.” This is also confirmed in an article from the Wall Street Journal that talks about the drama of Apple trying to call jailbreaking the iPhone illegal. I personally do not think it’s illegal to jailbreak the iPhone. The iPhone is a computer running OS X. Just like my iMac, I can install whatever I want on it. [Read more…]

Updated Sources Page

AiS I spent the afternoon updating our Sources page with all of the current sources available for install via Cydia and ones that can be added manually. I updated the Language Sources section as well. Sourcea with an * indicate sources that can be added through the More Package Sources section in Cydia. Sources without an * will need to be added manually. For more info on adding sources to Cydia (both manually and through Cydia)…check out THIS guide.

Doug updated the Jailbreak, Unlock and Firmware pages as well.

Check them out!

Cydia Update – 1.0.2712-43

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Cydia There was an update to Cydia recently. I didn’t notice any huge new changes though, I did notice a few things. When you first open Cydia, it now says Loading Data on the screen instead of just sitting there loading. Which, I guess is nice info! I noticed something similar when refreshing the Changes option and installing an application. It now says Reloading Data on the screen when it updates the Changes page and when it installs/updates the app…you can then select the Return to Cydia option. Another thing I noticed is that a lot more packages seem to have the fancy animated icons…which is cool. [Read more…]

Cydia Gets Fancy – New (Animated) Graphics

Cydia Well, it seems that I have missed a very cool new feature in Cydia. When you are on the Home option (on the lower menu bar) in Cydia, you get a menu with options such as Featured Packages, More Packages Source, F.A.Q…etc. If you select the Featured Packages option, you get a nice list of the featured applications (sponsored, free, commercial…etc). Everything seems normal but, wait until you select one of the apps…things get all crazy! :)

When you select one of the featured apps, keep your eye on the icon in the upper right corner. Yes, it was totally animated…switching from the icon that represents what category the app is in to the application’s actual icon. Not only is it cool that it is animated but, I love that you now get to see the app’s actual icon instead of the generic icon that represents what category the app is in! This is currently implemented in all the apps in the Featured Packages section as well as the sources in the More Package Sources section. Though, I heard through the grape vine that this is going to work it’s way into more areas of Cydia! Very cool! Cydia is like all fancy now! :) [Read more…]

Cydia Update 1.0.2684-40

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Cydia I was surprised to open Cydia and see any update for Cydia itself! The update to version 1.0.2684-40 of Cydia does make some nice changes to the application.

The first change I noticed was that when you select an application in Cydia, there have been a few changes to the look of the package Details page. The first change you will notice is that the icon, title of the app and version of app are now at the top of the page. Below this, there is now a new option; Change Package Settings. This option allows you to turn on/off Show All Changes. It says that the Changes option (on the lower menu bar) will only show upgrades to installed packages however, you can turn on Show All Changes for any application that you do not have installed to see any changes made to it as well. The other new addition to the package details page is nice new icons next to each section! Which I think look great!! [Read more…]

App Ratings Coming to Cydia

CydiaWe received a screenshot in our email this morning of a new feature coming to Cydia. Based on the screenshot, I’d say it’s a rating system for applications. This will be very nice. We don’t have screenshots of the actual page once you click on the rating but if we do, we’ll post those too. You’ll also see from the comparison screenshots below that there is a nice redesign which adds the apps icon, and some small icons to each selection like the email icon for contacting the author. [Read more…]

Cydia 1.0.2567-32 Update

CydiaIf you’ve been noticing an error a lot in Cydia that looks like this: “POSIX: connection timed out”, you’ll understand why you need to upgrade to the latest version of Cydia. This issue has been fixed so just open Cydia, tap Changes, and select Cydia to update.

Cydia Video Review

CydiaCydia is an application that allows you to install programs that Apple does not allow in the App Store. To install Cydia you must jailbreak your iPhone. See our Jailbreak Page for more info. Once you have Cydia you can install all kinds of apps, most of them for free. Check out this video to see how Cydia works and see some examples of what kinds of apps are available.

Cydia Update

Cydia It seems Cydia has had quite the update. I honestly hadn’t noticed that it had updated, it didn’t give me a pop-up saying that it had an update and it didn’t show up on the list of changes so I’m assume it just did it automatically. To see the full affects of the update, you will need to close Cydia and reopen it. Upon reopening it, you will get pop-up asking if you are a User, Hacker or Developer. This will determine which apps you will see in Cydia. If you are a user Cydia will only display Graphical apps, if you are a Hacker it will display Command Line apps and if you select Developer you will see all apps. Once you have chosen your settings, it will bring you into Cydia. Now, you will see the next change in the Sections option. If you select Sections you will notice a new Edit button. If you select Edit, you are then able to turn on/off certain categories of packages. For example [Read more…]

Cydia 1.0.2363-41 (alternative to

CydiaWe have this feature of our website that shows us what users are searching for on our site and if they got any results. The biggest thing seached for with ZERO results was Cydia. I couldn’t remember what it was so I googled it and found this great thread on I can’t believe we forgot about this! I was going to look into it more when it first came out but never did. So today I installed it.

To put it simple, Cydia is like but Open Source. There are many additional features and it’s like always should have been. The first thing I love about Cydia is the [Read more…]