moleskine 0.44b1

moleskine I like the update to version 0.44b1 of moleskine. It does exactly what I was hoping it would do! The first change that I really like is that the Font Slider Bar has been moved up a little and there is now a nice grey background behind it. It looks much nicer. Another new feature that helps the overall look of the application, is that the Title and Decription of the folders are now further apart. However, the new feature that I like the best, is that you are now able to export the notes you create in moleskine. When you are in a note, [Read more…]

moleskine 0.43b1

moleskine I finally got a chance to take a look at the update to moleskine. The first thing I noticed is that the slider bar to adjust the font size has been move, it is no longer below the keyboard. Which I think is great! However, you can still adjust the font. While you are in edit mode, just tap the status bar to bring up the font slider bar. Tap it again to make the slider bar disappear. I also think the overall feel of the tilt features are much improved! The accelerometer sensitive was [Read more…]

TimeCapsule 0.32b1

TimeCapsule The update to version 0.32b1 of TimeCapsule adds iBlacklist to the option of apps that can be backed-up. You are also now able to restore your Safari .plists separately. Once you have created a back-up of Safari, you can then tap on it to get a list of four .plists; Bookmarks, Bookmarks.plist.anchor, History and SuspendState. You can choose any of the four to backup individually. TimeCapsule is available through the databinge source.

TimeCapsule 0.32b1 TimeCapsule 0.32b1 TimeCapsule 0.32b1 [Read more…]

moleskine 0.41b2

moleskine Ok, I have been using version 0.41b2 of moleskine for a few hours, testing it out before doing a review of it. I have found a few things I love and a few things that get the job done but could use improvement. First off, I absolutely love the fact that notes can be imported from the! That was a long time in the coming and I’m glad to finally see it implemented. It works flawlessly and it is very simple. When you select Add, you will now see an option Import From Notes. When selected, it brings up a list of your Notes. The list is very well implemented, it opens right in moleskine giving you the title of notes and a little snippet of each note. Another great new feature is [Read more…]

New Moleskine Theme – Nowea Ethno

moleskine There is another very cool theme available for moleskineNowea Ethno Moleskine Theme. You will want to check this one out! Very cool! Remember, when you install moleskine themes, they get put directly into the moleskine app on your iPhone. This theme and moleskine are both available through the databinge source.

Note: A review of moleskine 0.41b2 will be out later today!

New Moleskine Theme - Nowea Ethno New Moleskine Theme - Nowea Ethno New Moleskine Theme - Nowea Ethno [Read more…]

New moleskine Theme – Apixel’s Abstract

moleskine This theme has been out for about a day now. It was released at the same time as the Apixel’s Texture Theme. However, because there have been a few new moleskine themes lately, I was just going to let this one go figuring you would see it when you checked out the rest of them. Then I realized I kind of liked it! So, I thought I would give you some screenshots of it. Also, when I was researching the theme, [Read more…]

WildEyes! 0.14b1-2

WildEyes! There are just a few changes with version 0.14b1-2 of WildEyes!. It is now available in French and the pop-ups have been changed so that they do not pop up but slide up. You will notice that when you select a file, the menu will now slide up from the bottom of the page. I honestly thought it already did that but, maybe that was moleskine! Either way, I like it! WildEyes! is available through the databinge source.

WildEyes! 0.14b1-2 WildEyes! 0.14b1-2

New Moleskine Themes – Water & Apixel’s Textures

Moleskine There are two new themes for Moleskine. They add a water and apixel textures themes for the folder, note and cassette icons. When you install the themes they are automatically added into the app…there are no icons on your SpringBoard for these ones. The Themes are available through the databinge source.

New Moleskine Theme - Water New Moleskine Theme - Water New Moleskine Theme - Water [Read more…]

TimeCapsule 0.31b1

TimeCapsule Version 0.31b1 of TimeCapsule adds one new features (but it is a cool new feature!). You are now able to hide applications. However, when I installed the update…TimeCapsule would open to the splash-screen, go dark like it was trying to load the application and then close back to the SpringBoard. I tried restarting my iPhone to no avail. So, I took a chance and I uninstalled iVirusScan. After iVirusScan was uninstalled…I restarted my iPhone and tried to open TimeCapsule again and it worked. So, I’m not really sure what the deal is with that….maybe not compatible with each other? However, that is not the only problem had with this update. When I finally got into TimeCapsule…all my back-ups were gone. I also had some issues with the Hide Feature but first let me explain the Hide feature.
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Moleskine 0.38b1

Moleskine The update to moleskine allows the ability to import text files to your notes! Which is super sweet. I have been testing it for a few hours now and I really like it so far. It uses another app called WildEyes! to import the text file. You will need version 0.13b1 of WildEyes! in order to use it to import files to moleskine. Below is a video via the developer on how import the text files from WildEyes! into Moleskine (though, it is very easy!!). Another pieces of advice via the developer is that you should only move one test file at a time. Apparently if you move more than one file at a time [Read more…]

New moleskine Themes

Moleskine There are a few new moleskine themes in the Installer; Elements, Leaves, and Sports. Each of the themes add skins for the folder, note and cassette icons! When you install the themes, it will add the themes right into the icon section of moleskine (no icon on your SpringBoard for these). They are all pretty cool – see screenshots below. With version 0.37b2 of moleskine allowing everyone to change the icon skins, even on the free version, these are very cool additions to the app! The moleskine themes are available through the databinge source.
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TimeCapsule 0.30b1 & 0.30b2

TimeCapsule The update to version 0.30b1 of TimeCapsule adds a few more apps to the list of those that can be backed-up. You can now back-up your MxTube videos, your weDict installs and your moleskine themes and sounds. Another new feature is that you can restore individual Installer plist files instead of having to restore them all. However, I am having a small issue, it doesn’t seem to see my MxTube files. When I open TimeCapsule, [Read more…]

Moleskine 0.37b2 & 0.37b3

MoleskineThe update to Moleskine is absolutely huge!! So huge, that I am going to list all the info via the developers below! But, I can’t resist telling you about some of the new features that I think are seriously sweet!! When you first open the app and are on the list of all your folders, you can tap the top status bar to turn on the ability to reorder your folders…just tap it again to turn off the reordering! I absolutely love this feature. This is much better than the previous version where the Folder were stuck in the order they were created in! You can use this same technique in edit mode to turn on/off auto capitalization.

Another sweet new feature is that you can now add a voice note to your notes! In order to do so, [Read more…]

Moleskine 0.19-3

Moleskine I was totally stoked when I saw the update to Moleskine in the Installer. However, there are no visual changes to version 0.19-3 of Moleskine. The app itself functions the same. The change has to do with the Installer p.list file. You actually may even want to skip updating to version 0.19-3 (there is really no need to) because in a few cases it has deleted the Notes that were previously created. It worked fine for me and did not overwrite the notes I had created but, [Read more…]

TimeCapsule 0.27b1

TimeCapsule Version 0.27b1 of TimeCapsule adds a few more apps to the list of those that can be backed-up. The new apps include; Locations, Lockbox, MPG, PockeyMoney, Preferences, Pumped and SpringBoard Preferences Plist. It’s pretty cool that you now have the ability to backup your Preferences. TimeCapsule is available through the databinge repo.

TimeCapsule 0.27b1 TimeCapsule 0.27b1