Pirate Costume 0.01

Pirate Costume is almost the same as Pirate only it adds a ton of new pieces to the wardrobe. Pirate costume is set-up just like the rest of the costumes in the DressUp app (for specific info on how to use costumes…check out the DressUp page.). When you install Pirate Costume…it will be put directly into DressUp and will not put an icon on your SpringBoard…it will show up as Pirate2 in the DressUp list (you have to have DressUp installed in order to view this app). Pirate Costume is available in the Installer.app through the Ste Packaging source. See the screeshots below to see all the new pieces.

Pirate Update 0.01 Pirate Costume 0.01 Pirate Costume 0.01
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DressUp Update 0.02

DressUp The update to DressUp version 0.02 adds some pretty cool features! Once you have opened the app and selected a wardrobe…you can hold up your iPhone, and once you have the person positioned on the screen how you want them, tap Stop in the upper left corner…like in previous versions. However, now when you tap Stop you will notice a new Options button in the upper right corner. When you tap on Options it will bring up a menu…the option Snap and Send Email is not a new feature however, you will notice three other options…they are all new! The first is Snap to Album…this allows you to take a “screenshot” of the screen (once you have it all ready!) and puts it into your Camera Roll. Another nice new feature is that when you snap the picture…the status and navigation bars disappear so you get a full screen view of the screen. The next new feature…which I think is the best part of the update…. [Read more…]

New Apps – 6 New Costumes

DressUp There are six new Costumes available in the Installer.app through the Ste Packaging source for the DressUp app. The six new costumes include; a Dog Costume, Easter Costume, Hair Costume, KGB Costume, Mouths Costume and a St. Patrick’s Costume. Each of these six apps are installed individually…so, you can choose which costumes you would like to add to the DressUp app and which ones you do not want to add. Once you have installed the costumes you like…you can open your DressUp app and the new costumes will be there (they do not create a new icon on your SpringBoard these are just extensions for the DressUp app). Note: Make sure you already have the DressUp app installed before you install the costumes. See the screenshots below to see what images are in each costume.

Dog Costume Easter Costume Hair Costume
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DressUp Update 0.01-1

DressUp There has been an update to DressUp in the Installer.app…this app is available through the Ste Packaging Source. The only thing I have noticed with the update is that every time you reopen the app it randomly changes the image next to the costumes…the image is selected from the pieces that can be used in that costume. Though, it could have done that before and I didn’t notice…someone who hasn’t updated yet…let me know if it does!! Screenshots:

DressUp Update 0.01-1 DressUp Update 0.01-1 DressUp Update 0.01-1
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New Toy – DressUp

DressUp DressUp is a toy available in the Installer.app through the Ste Packaging Source. DressUp is an app the combines a few previous apps that allow you to take a picture and then drag images onto the picture to “dress up” the person in your picture. It is exactly the same to Erica Sadun’s apps Pirate and Halloween but now just puts them all in one spot. The app opens to a menu giving you all of the theme options (at this time there are only Pirate and Halloween available) just select the theme you would like to use. Hold your camera up like you are going to take a picture and when you have the picture where you want it tap Stop in the top left corner. Now you can drag the images from the bottom of the screen onto the picture. If you decide you don’t like the picture and want to set another one, just tap Restart in the top left corner. Once you have the picture exactly how you would like it you can email it by tapping Email in the top right corner. Here are the screenshots:

DressUp DressUp DressUp
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