Evolution RGB Video

EvolutionRGB Update 1.0

EvolutionRGB There have been quite a few improvements with the update to EvolutionRGB 1.0. All of the updates improve the visual affects of the game…but, are not really things you can show in a screeshot…so, below is a list of the changes via the developer and the Installer screenshot. EvolutionRGB is available in the Installer.app through the Ste Packaging source.
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EvolutionRGB 0.93

EvolutionRGB This is another very addicting Toy, like iPhysics. RGB is a play on the meaning of RGB in the computer world…red, green and blue are the colors computer screens use to make the millions of colors. In this toy, red stands for fire, green for plants and blue for water. It’s a battle of who can survive. Water makes plants grow, but fire destroys it all. You can add just water, or a cloud that continues to pour water. Same with plants and fire. Add just a little or add seed or smelter to make continuous plants or fire. You can also add clay as a barrier or use the eraser if you want to change something. Also, the accelerometer is part of the action and by tilting the iPhone you control where water falls and which direction is up for flames to leap or plants to grow in. This really needs a video to describe it. See the video and screenshots below.

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