Feeds 0.4.3

Feeds The update to version 0.4.3 of Feeds, a native iPhone RSS reader application, makes some subtle changes to the icon and updates the splash screen. It also adds three additional language translations; Czech, Russian and Sweden. Other than that, the app seems to look and function the same as in the previous version. You can get Feeds via the ModMyiFone source.

Note: You can add AppleiPhone’s Feed to your Google Reader by adding this url – http://feeds.feedburner.com/AppleiPhoneSchool or by selecting the Subscribe via RSS button on the right side of the sight. [Read more…]

Feeds 0.4.1

Feeds Feeds is a native iPhone RSS reader application. This application works with your Google Reader RSS account, pulling in the Feeds you are subscribed to through Google Reader. When you open the application, you will see a lower menu bar. You will want to go into the Settings option first. Here you will add your Username and Password that you use to sign into Google (like gmail, Google Reader, Google Docs…). You can also choose the font size and cell padding amount. The Cell padding is the amount of space between each article. However, I found that if you move it off of 10 (the stock setting) it starts to affect the number tag making it unreadable. Once you have everything entered into the Settings, [Read more…]