findme – LowJack for your iPhone

TwitterErica Sadun is at it again with a completely amazing app! Findme is just a script that runs in the background and print the lat/long of your location. But when combined with Twitter (a buddy tracking web application) findme becomes one of the coolest iPhone hacks yet! Before I explain the whole hack, check out the end result on my twitter

The first great use of this I thought of, is my trip to Italy this summer. I can give my Twitter URL to family and friends so they can see my progress through the country. But the intended use is to set up your Twitter as a private account, so only you can check it. Then if you iPhone ever gets stolen, you can see where its at! Which has potential in the future to be so much more. The script could be modified to take a photo and record the location, so you could possibly get a picture your thief caught red handed! That is of course my pipe dream, but the ability is there. Just need some one to develop it.

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