Freeboard 0.0.1Beta

Freeboard has been added to the Installer as a seperate application, where before it was part of Customize. When you install Freeboard, it does not add an icon to your SpringBoard it will just add the Freeboard feature into Customize. Freeboard is considered a SummerBoard replacement giving you the options to turn on/off Freeboard itself, Show Wallpaper, Hide Icon Labels and Five Icon Dock. However, please read the additional articles below before using this application.

If you uninstall Freeboard, it will remove the Freeboard feature out of Customize. So, I just installed the Freeboard application and then uninstalled it so that it was removed as a feature in my Customize. The seperate Freeboard application is avilable through the ModMyiFone source.

For more information about Freeboard see the following articles:
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Freeboard 0.0.1Beta Freeboard 0.0.1 Freeboard 0.0.1Beta