Friday Night Movie Night – STAR WARS: TRENCH RUN

Start Wars: Trench Run, by THQ Wireless Inc., “lets you skim the surface of the Death Star trenches as you seek to target a small thermal exhaust port less than two meters wide. Can you reenact the shot heard ’round the galaxy? Is the Force with you?”

Start Wars: Trench Run is due to hit the App Store soon and will be available for $4.99. Below is a list of the games features and a trailer video.
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Friday Night Movie Night – Kevin Confirms Digg Application

In this interview, Kevin Rose is slightly tricked into confirming a native Digg application. Apparently, it wasn’t supposed to be public knowledge yet.

Friday Night Movie Night – Rock Band

EA Mobile is due to release Rock Band this month. No info on price but I’m guessing it will be in the $9.99 range. It looks seriously cool. Take a look at the demo video and description below.

Demo Video:

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Friday Night Movie Night: FIFA 10

FIFA 10Brooke wrote an article about FIFA 10 recently but didn’t have a video. Here’s a nice video of just simple gameplay for you to check out and see if you like the game.


Friday Night Movie Night:

YouTubeI found this sweet Twitter matrix video on YouTube and found out that first, it’s running in Safari and second, there are a ton more sweet web apps that are all from this site,, that utilize HTML5. Check out some of the examples below and check out their site for more.

Friday Night Movie Night: Lopeard 3.0 Beta 2a Theme

WinterboardThis is really sweet. It’s a Winterboard theme that looks like Mac OS X. Check out the video below. It’s not available yet but we’ll keep you up to date on when it’s released.

Official Site

Friday Night Movie Night: Tech21’s iBand

YouTubeThis isn’t about music this time (iBand), it’s an accessory that protects your iPhone. We’ll see what we can do about getting one for testing. Of course if you drop it directly on the screen, it’s still gonna break. Brooke’s wishing she had it when she dropped her iPhone :(

You can even buy it online at

Friday Night Movie Night: AT&T Tries To Explain Why MMS Took So Long

AT&TOk, I have A LOT to say about all of this, so here goes. First, I’ve officially created a #fail category for our website. AT&T seems to continue to fail so much that I thought we needed the category to keep track of it all. Next, I really need to rant about the AT&T “blogging” guy. It’s really sad that they give him any kind of “tech” title. He’s is the epitome of what tech guys do not want to be. I really think that whoever hired him thought that he was such a “nerd” that he would relate to all the iPhone “techie” people.

I mean seriously, if you had some real tech guy like, Kevin Rose, or someone “normal” sit down and say, “Look, we’re sorry that we’re so far behind. The iPhone really just uses way more bandwidth than other devices and it caught us off guard. We’re working really hard to get it right, and when we do, we’re gonna get you tethering too. And since we’re slacking, we’re gonna give you the first 6 months of tethering for free. And we’re sorry we said end of summer. We missed it by a few days, our bad…”, we’d all probably be kewl with AT&T. That all said, we’d actually be kewl with them if they actually had MMS back when the iPhone first launched. As you all already know, most free phones even come with MMS. I’m on my 3rd iPhone, the iPhone 3GS, for sure the more advanced phone EVER and I can’t text someone a picture.

And tethering! My crappy old black and white screened Palm used to tether to my laptop via serial cable 8 years ago! Since I’m on a very long rant, may I add that I have no 3G in my area but I still pay the upgraded $30 data fee. It used to be $20 with the 1st Gen iPhone. An AT&T rep told me the increased fee was because of GPS. FYI: GPS is ran by the US Military. It’s free. That’s why you can buy a TomTom and have no monthly fees. To those saying it’s because of AGPS (assisted by cell towers), baloney! Also the network is now so bad in my area that I guarantee it’s worse than dial-up and I pretty much can’t use it. Thankfully I have wireless most places.

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Friday Night Movie Night: Camera Genius

Available In: App Store       Price: $0.99  

YouTubeThis application is the top paid app in the app store right now for $0.99 so I thought I’d show it to you. This video is from where there are more videos like this. I think this kid is hilarious. Check him out.

Friday Night Movie Night: HTC Hero’s Sense UI Theme

youtubeOk, I saw this theme/mod a while back on and wanted to write an article about it but at the time it was a pretty drawn out process (and still is). Well, here’s a video to see what it looks like. The guy kinda explains it like the software is actually running on the iPhone, but it’s not. It’s just a theme made to look like the HTC. Here’s a link to the guide.

Friday Night Movie Night: Apple Tablet Previews

AppleSorry we missed this last week, I was in Maryland for a conference. It was worth the wait though. There are some sweet new videos of the upcoming tablet from Apple. Of course they could be fake but they look pretty legit to me. Here’s what I’ve found:

Friday Night Movie Night: Jump-Parkour

Coming Soon: App Store Price: ??


Friday Night Movie Night: Dark Raider

Available In: App Store       On Sale: 3.99  


Dark Raider

Friday Night Movie Night: Removing iPhone 3GS Passcode and Encryption

YouTubeI’m not putting this video out there for you to learn how to hack into iPhones. I’m doing it so you can see how weak Apple’s security on the iPhone is. Hopefully you will be a little more careful about what you put on your device :)

Friday Night Movie Night: BaDaBoo

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

YouTubeThis game is addicting. It’s really simple, you just swipe your ball and hit the other balls to make them change color to the same as your ball. Of course the best part is, it’s free.