Funiculus 0.60

Funiculus Version 0.60 of Funiculus brings a ton of new features! When you open the app you will notice a new look and some options along the top. The first icon brings you to the “original Funiculous…and the standard tuner. The second icon, the guitar looking one, will bring you to a new screen that has the pitch meter at the top, a fretboard and two arrows. You can use the two arrows to select an instrument…you can choose from; Guitar: Standard,12 String Guitar: Standard, Mandolin: Standard, Banjo: Standard, Ukulele: Standard, Violin: Standard, Viola: Standard, Cello: Standard, Baritone Ukulele: Standard, Guitar: Drop D, Guitar: Open A maj, Guitar: Open C maj, Guitar: Open D maj, Guitar: Open E maj, Guitar: Open E min, Guitar: Open G maj and Guitar: Open G min. Once you have selected an instrument… [Read more…]

Funiculus 0.50

Funiculus Funiculus is a guitar tuner right on your iPhone. It uses your iPhone’s microphone and determines the note, note’s pitch and amplitude. When you first open the app it will “Initialize the Microphone.” Once that has finished, you can play a note and it will show display the note in the middle of the screen and whether you are flat or sharp on the upper Pitch scale. If the note’s pitch is correct the green light in the middle of the Pitch scale will light up. It will also display the amplitude (volume/strength of sound measured in decibels) of the note on the side Amplitude scale. It seems to work flawlessly and is very accurate. Also, [Read more…]