Not New…Just New Source.

I noticed in the Installer today, that a few apps were added to a new source. iQuickBlock version 1.0, ParkingLot version 1.0, Shoplist version 0.32 and GeoPedia version 0.11 were all added to the BigBoss source today. The apps themselves did not change…just a new source!

GeoPedia 0.11

GeoPedia GeoPedia is an app that brings up information based on where you are located. When you open the app on your iPhone, it will locate you. It will then open an internet browser with entries based on where you are located. The first entry is always flickr picture based on your location. If you tap on Flickr pictures, you will get thumbnails of the images…if you tap on an image, it will bring up that images flickr page. To get back to the main list, tap the Back arrow twice. If you select another entry on the main list, you will get three options for that entry [Read more…]