Conceited Software now BigBoss

I noticed that quite a few apps in the installer, that used to be in the Conceited Software source, were now showing up as in the BigBoss source. So, after some research, I found out that Conceited Software has moved all of their apps to the BigBoss repo. In doing so, BigBoss has updated quite a few of them with some bug fixes, compatibility updates and making them function smoother. The apps listed below had either bug fixes or compatibility updates. I will do a reviews on the apps that had updates to the actual functionality.
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gpSPhone – Game Boy Advance Emulator

gpSPhoneSo I finally sat down and tried to get gpSPhone to work on my iPhone. I think a lot of people are confused by the name and think it’s some type of GPS for the iPhone. It’s actually an emulator for Game Boy Advance games. There have been a few updates lately and I’ve heard the developer got a little help from the developer of the NES app. A big difference in this app from NES is that you have to download the bios (gba_bios.bin) to run the game yourself. You can just search for gba_bios.bin on Google and it’s usually the first link or you can download it from an actually Game Boy Advance. Another big difference in this app from NES is that the buttons are layered over the game. This way the game plays full screen. The buttons appear as shaded shapes over the game. See screenshots below. Ok, so now how do you install gpSPhone, get the bios, games, etc. Here’s a step by step guide: [Read more…]