iApp-a-Day – Wallpaper

The app for November 27th is “Wallpaper”. Dude this app is SWEET!! When you first open the app is gives you a little warning that your wallpaper is about to be shared with everyone. If you decide to continue, a copy of whatever your wallpaper is when you tap continue is put into a pool with everyone else’s. This is where is gets really cool, it then scrolls through everyone else’s wallpaper showing a new one every 5 seconds or so. But, it gets even cooler (if that is a word)…if you see a really sweet wallpaper that you want to put as your wallpaper, just tap on the image and select “use as wallpaper” and it sets it as your wallpaper!! However, it does replace your current wallpaper so if your wallpaper is a picture you took that is no longer in your photos make sure you really want to replace it. There are a few things I can think of that would make this app even better… [Read more…]

Piano Update 1.4

PianoYAY!! This update to Piano is exactly what I have been waiting for!!! I’m sooooo excited. The weird staticy noise is now gone and the piano sounds great! I can even play more then one note at a time. Sean is really on the ball tonight…great job!

Piano Update 1.4

Piano Update 1.3

Piano There has just been an update in installer.app to today’s iApp-a-Day – Piano. The update vastly improves the sound of the piano…instead of the video game tones you once heard…it now sounds much more like a piano. I did find that you can only play one note at a time now. Before the update you were able to play two notes at the same. And for some reason I am still getting the weird staticy noise every time I play a note. But, I like the update…I much prefer the new sound of the piano…good job Sean.

Piano Update 1.3

iApp-a-Day – Piano

Piano The app for November 26th is “Piano”. This is a fun little app. It opens to a screen of a piano, just tap on the keys to hear the tone. However, you will not hear the typical piano sounds, according to the developer, the sound is straight out of classic 8-bit video games. The only issue I have found with this app is that you can get some weird staticy noise if you tap the key quickly…it sounds better if you hold the key down for a second or two. Other than that…very cool…one even the kids would like!! Screenshots:

Paino Piano Piano [Read more…]

iApp-a-Day – World

World The app for November 25th is “World”. When you open this app it brings up a picture of the world. As you watch, it shows pictures from around the world. A little red icon moves to indicate where the picture was taken from. To add your own picture just tap on the screen. I think this is a very cool idea…the only I problem I see with it is that wherever you tap on the screen, that is where it says your picture was taken from. So, if you tap on Antarctica, without knowing how the app works, and then take your picture…when your picture comes up it will say you are from Antarctica. What would be really sweet is if it used ip addresses and tracked it that way. Here are some screenshots:

World World World [Read more…]

iApp-a-Day – Bard

Bard The app for November 24th is “Bard”. If you have played hangman then Bard will be no problem for you. Well, I take that back…since all the puzzles are Shakespeare’s prose. To choose a letter, tap on the prose you are trying to solve. Select the letter you want and tap “Could Be.” If you would like to look at the puzzle again without picking a letter, tap “Not To Be.” Each time you choose a letter it takes it out to of the option list…so, you don’t choose the same letter twice. If you pick a letter that is not in the prose it starts to build an image of a Bard (according to wiki a Bard is a professional poet from back in the day). You can only get 6 letters wrong before the game is over. Whether you have won or lost a screen pops up with a little saying and the option to play again. Below are some screenshots:

Bard Bard Bard [Read more…]

iApp-a-Day – Leftover

Leftover The app for November 23rd is “Leftover”. SURPRISE!! I can’t tell you how surprised I was to open my installer and see tomorrow’s app already there!! But, according to the developer, he put it out early for all of those who will be up bright and early to go shopping!! YAY shopping! I think this is a very cool and useful app (especially for tomorrow). The app opens to a screen giving you the basic gist of the app. To starting using the app just tap the screen. Next, you will need to add a category and the amount allocated to that category. My category is going to be Black Friday and my allocated amount is going to be $1000.00 (because rumor has it iMacs are going to be half price)!! [Read more…]

iApp-a-Day – Songbird

Songbird The app for November 22nd is “Songbird”. Today’s iApp-a-Day is in celebration of Thanksgiving. It opens to a gobbling turkey hopping around the screen. It then plays tracks out of your iTunes. You can go to the next random track by tapping on the turkey. This is very similar to another app called iPowerHour which plays 60sec clips out of your itunes for one hour. If you like this app you might want to check out that one too!

Songbird Songbird Songbird

iApp-a-Day – Mixup

Mixup The app for November 21st is “Mixup”. This is a great little app. It opens to a screen of blocks with letters on them (they look like little scrabble blocks). The letters are mixed up but, when put in order they form a word. To move the letters around just drag them. When you have the word spelled correctly a screen pops up that says, Correct! and shows you the word. It also has a play again button that you can tap to get a new word. The largest word that you can get is a six letter word. One observation is that a few times I had letters that spelled more then one word and had to change it until I got the right one. Other than that, this is a SUPER fun app, definitely one I will keep installed. Also, after looking at the code…it looks like there are quite a few words programed into the app and even the potential to add your own words up to six letter long…so play away! Here are some screenshots:

Mixup Mixup Mixup [Read more…]

iApp-a-Day – Sleigh

Sleigh The app for November 20th is “Sleigh”. This app is simple yet challenging. It uses the accelerometer to control Santa sliding left to right in a sled to avoid the “falling ice of doom! If you get Santa killed, it’s all your fault no one gets presents.

Sleigh Sleigh Sleigh [Read more…]

iApp-a-Day – Hockey

Hockey The app for November 19th is “Hockey”. This app would be sweet if it was functional. We had a lot of trouble getting it to respond. It is a two player game and basically you lay the phone down on a table and use one finger each to move the paddle around to hit the puck. Hopefully there are some updates that make it respond better. Great idea though!

iApp-a-Day Hockey iApp-a-Day Hockey iApp-a-Day Hockey [Read more…]

iApp-a-Day – Level

Level The app for November 18th is “Level”. This is another one of those “It’s about time!” apps. Using the accelorometer in apps for something functional is both creative and benificial. This app turns your iPhone into a level. Just lay your iPhone on the table or put one of it’s edges along a wall and you’ll see the ball move inbetween the two lines as long as you’re level. Simple app & function app. One you can install and keep, not just for fun.

iApp-a-Day - Level iApp-a-Day - Level iApp-a-Day - Level
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iApp-a-Day – Collage

Collage The app for November 17th is “Collage”. This app is a combination of a few other apps. It allows you to take pictures or write text and add them to a constant changing collage on the screen. New pics & text fade in as they are created. The author has also added a link to view the collage on the web or digg iApp-a-Day right from the app.

Collage iApp-a-Day - Collage iApp-a-Day - Collage [Read more…]

iApp-a-Day – Elmo

ElmoThe app for November 16th is “Elmo”. I bet you can guess what this app does. That’s right, it simulates a tickle me Elmo doll. Just tickle elmo and the iPhone vibrates and laughs just like the real doll! A big difference from the original doll is the lack of variety in the laughs. Here’s what it sounds like.

Elmo Elmo Elmo [Read more…]

iApp-a-Day – Midterm

MidtermThe app for November 15th is “Midterm”. Today we are halfway through the month hence the apps title, Midterm. This app is a review of three previous apps: Whisper, Graffiti and Quest. It shows a random picture, random text and you hear a random secret.

iApp-a-Day - Midterm iApp-a-Day - Midterm iApp-a-Day - Midterm
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