iApp-a-Day – Panic

Panic The app for November 14th is “Panic”. Due to some controversy over at iApp-a-Day, the designer/founder of the iApp-a-Day Project put out an app expressing his frustration:

Panic Panic Panic
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iApp-a-Day – Interval

IntervalThe app for November 13th is “Interval”. Got a big date coming up? Christmas? Wedding? Baby due date? Enter the date and this app will tell you the years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds until it happens. If you need a date in the year 3000 and beyond you’re out of luck, this app stops at 2999. :) In all serious though, a big downfall to this app is that it doesn’t keep the date and countdown once you leave the app. Check out an app called iCountDown in the Installer.app under Ste Packaging Source for an app that allows 4 countdowns and retains your dates. We’ll do a post about iCountDown soon!

iApp-a-Day - Interval iApp-a-Day - Interval iApp-a-Day - Interval
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iApp-a-Day – Scribble

Available In: Installer       Price: Free  

ScribbleThe app for November 12th is “Scribble”. At first I was guessing this would be some type of spin off to Sketches but that’s not the case. First this app doesn’t use your finger as input. It uses the accelorometer to move the drawing point around and leaves a trail where you’ve been. You can change colors, erase the screen or email the final results.

iApp-a-Day - Scribble iApp-a-Day - Scribble iApp-a-Day - Scribble
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iApp-a-Day – Rose

RoseThe app for November 11th is “Rose”.This app is simple yet beautiful. It’s basically a motion graphics recreation of a rose blooming viewed from the top. From what I can tell, no tapping, pinching, or rotating effects what’s happening on the screen. Just press home to end.

Rose iApp-a-Day Rose Rose
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iApp-a-Day – Quest

QuestThe app for November 10th is “Quest”. This app sends you out on missions to collect photographs of the most rare specimens… actually more like pictures of pillows, hair, hats, laptops, someone you love, etc. But it’s still pretty creative. Once you upload your pic you can see what everyone else found. You can mark them fail or ignore if you choose. Here’s some screenshots:

iApp-a-Day - Quest iApp-a-Day - Quest iApp-a-Day - Quest
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iApp-a-Day – Whisper

WhisperThe app for November 9th is “Whisper”. It allows you to record your deepest, darkest secrets… and share them with everyone! Just record a 4 second clip and it will send it to the world. You can also listen to everyone else’s secrets. Just click on Listen to Secret and you’ll hear everyone’s secrets as a continuous stream. Originally you could only hear one at a time but an early update has fixed that. Here are some examples of other’s secrets and screenshots:

I sleep at work
I jailbreaked my phone
wait… what?
I don’t know how to speak english (hispanic accent)
I can’t tell you my secret in 4 seconds
I have a crush on Steve Jobs [Read more…]

iApp-a-Day – Uncle

UncleThe app for November 8th is “Uncle”. This app opens up to a picture of Steve Jobs. If you shake the iPhone, his head moves back and forth like a bobble head. As an added bonus he randomly says “Boom!” Here’s how it sounds and here are some screenshots:

iApp-a-Day - Uncle iApp-a-Day - Uncle iApp-a-Day - Uncle
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iApp-a-Day – Graffiti

GraffitiThe app for November 7th is “Graffiti”. This app starts off with a red brick wall. Soon graffiti will start to appear on the wall. This graffiti is live straight from others users on their iPhones! You can just tap anywhere on the wall and write you’re own graffiti.

Graffiti Graffiti Graffiti
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iApp-a-Day – Poke

PokeThe app for November 6th is “Poke”. This app lets you poke fun at President George Bush. Just poke the smiling President to hear him make some of the following comments along with a swapped out photo of him.

– pardon me
– dad?
– just don’t do it again
– I um….
– buy why?
– don’t mess with texas
– uh….
– that is your right

iApp-a-Day - Poke iApp-a-Day - Poke iApp-a-Day - Poke
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iApp-a-Day – Pumped

PumpedThe app for November 5th is “Pumped” subtitled “your personal portable fuel log”. This app is so great! It lets you track your vehicle gas mileage. It is so easy, you just enter in the gas price, gallons of gas purchased, and current odometer reading. After the second log it begins to track miles traveled, gallons used, total fuel cost, miles per gallon, cost per mile, and cost per gallon! Great usable app!

iApp-a-Day - Pumped iApp-a-Day - Pumped iApp-a-Day - Pumped
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iApp-a-Day – Burp

BurpThe app for November 4th is “Burp”. It let’s you take a picture of your food and share it with the world. You can tap to take a picture or tap to see other’s food. When the app was first launched many pictures were not of food but there is now a feature that lets you mark the image as ‘not food’. Also scrolling through the pictures was a problem for me, but this was soon fixed after a couple of updates. Great idea and creativity at work here!

iApp-a-Day - Burp iApp-a-Day - Burp iApp-a-Day - Burp
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iApp-a-Day – Melt

MeltThe app for November 3rd is “Melt.” As soon as you start the app a timer at the bottom of the screen starts and on the screen are two ice cubes. As you rub your finger over the ice cubes they start to melt. If you stopping moving your finger the ice cubes stop melting. Once the ice cubes are melted it gives you the time it took you to melt the ice cubes and then the option to view the global status. In the global status you will see how many times the ices cubes have been melted, the average melting time and how many hours have been “wasted” melting virtual ice cubes! Here are some screenshots:

iApp-a-Day - Melt iApp-a-Day - Melt iApp-a-Day - Melt
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iApp-a-Day – Fall

FallThe app for November 2nd is “Fall”. It starts off with a tree with fall colored leaves. As you shake the iPhone, leaves fall to the ground. Once all the leaves fall, it begins to snow. Here are the screenshots:

iApp-a-Day - Fall iApp-a-Day - Fall iApp-a-Day - Fall
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iApp-a-Day – Magic

MagicThe app for November 2nd is “Magic” which is a magic 8 ball that you can turn upside down for your destiny. You can also enter in custom message that will appear randomly for others. Here’s the screenshots:

iApp-a-Day - Magic iApp-a-Day - Magic iApp-a-Day - Magic
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iApp-a-Day – Pumpkin

PumpkinThe first of many apps to come in a project called iApp-a-Day is called Pumpkin. It displays a orange jack-o-lantern face on a black background and rotates when the phone is rotated. Here are some screenshots:

iApp-a-Day - Pumpkin iApp-a-Day - Pumpkin iApp-a-Day - Pumpkin
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