IntelliScreen – Bonus

IntelliScreen I missed a very important feature of IntelliScreen in our last review. When your iPhone or iPod Touch is locked and you can see all your choices, you can swipe to the right or left and a red button will appear that will let you launch the app. It works well and is usually pretty quick to open the app. This is nice when you get a new text message and want to reply quick. It also works for Calendar, Mail, News, & Sports. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like:
IntelliScreen Slide To Open

IntelliScreen 0.8

IntelliScreen IntelliScreen has already updated to version 0.8. It has a new feature labeled “Show Time/Date”. It basically bumps down things so you can see the time and date at the top of your lock screen. I also noticed that the preview feature works. Here’s a couple screenshots:

IntelliScreen 0.7

IntelliScreen If you like iToday and uCalendar, you will love IntelliScreen. This is one of the best Lock Screen application I have seen so far. Intelliscreen is still in Beta but, it is already a good application. It is very customizable and has a ton of options. The video below will explain more. IntelliScreen is available through the Intelliborn source.

Note: For more information about IntelliScreen check out it’s forum thread on

Watch “IntelliScreen” from your iPhone or iPod Touch.