iPhone 3G gets GPS

One of the biggest features of the new iPhone 3G is GPS. This includes live, updated tracking on Google Maps. There is even news today of TomTom preparing an app for the App Store.

“Our navigation system runs on the iPhone already,”

The GPS in the iPhone is not your normal GPS. With the iPhone you get A-GPS or assisted GPS. The iPhone uses it’s internet connection through the cell network to get information about where the sattelites are currently located and makes a faster connection.

Have you ever noticed that when in a building, GPS can’t get signal to the satellites. The iPhone 3G also uses the info from the cell phone towers and wifi routers to give you location information when GPS is not available. [Read more…]

$199 too good to be true?

So, what’s the catch? It sounds like there is a catch and if you’re planning on unlocking, it’s a big catch. AT&T is saying there will be in store activation only, and there may be a penalty for not activating your iPhone 3G within 30 days of purchase. You also have to sign a 2 year contract whether you have an existing iPhone and/or account. They are also dropping the GoPhone plans and raising the data plan to $30 a month from $20 due to 3G. This shouldn’t effect me since I’m already with AT&T. We’ll probably move our numbers to the new iPhones and unlock our old ones for testing purposes. $10 more a month x2 for 3G is ok I guess (once they get it in our area).

UPDATE: Link to AT&T Press Release

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iPhone 3G Countries

With the upcoming release of the iPhone 3G (July 11th) there will be many new countries getting the iPhone. Only 22 will be added on July 11th but the remaining will be added throughout the year. Here is the list:

The following countries will be selling the iPhone 3G on July 11th: Australia, Austria, Belgium (French), Belgium (Dutch), Canada (English), Canada (French), Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland (French), Switzerland (German), UK, USA. [Read more…]

iPhone 3G Photos

Here are some pictures of the new iPhone 3G from all over the web:

iPhone 3G Features

Apple released info today on their new iPhone naming it “iPhone 3G“. The iPhone 3G has some but not all of the features rumored about in the past months. Here is a list of all the features:

– For sale July 11th
– New Prices: $199 8GB, $299 16GB
– 3G Network
– White and Black colors, plastic molding [Read more…]

iPhone 3G Commercial

Below is the Apple’s commercial for the new iPhone 3G.

Watch “iPhone 3G Commercial” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

3G iPhone Live Blog

Today is going to be crazy and we’re going to do everything we can to keep up. This post will stay at the top of our site most of the day. It will include a audio live stream from the conference (as long as it is available); links to all kinds of real info, and live chat.

I will be updating our News Page with info so keep checking back.

Twitter Feed of iPhone
Do Not Upgrade to 2.0

Confirmed info after the jump: [Read more…]