iPlot 0.70

iPlot iPlot has been update to version 0.70. Below is the complete list of changes. I personally do not understand a word of what those changes mean but, maybe you do!! :) Hopefully they are good updates! iPlot is available through the BigBoss source.

Version 0.70 Change-Log
• Added ability to draw polar plots.
• Increased accuracy with numerical derivate and integral.
• User can now choose amount of intervals when calculating integrals.
• Little improvements to UI.
• Bug fixes.

iPlot 0.70 iPlot 0.70 iPlot 0.70

iPlot 0.52

iPlot iPlot is a graphing calculator on the iPhone! I think the last time I used a graphing calculator was in High School and I’m not sure I really understood it then! So, I will do my best. Here is a description, via the developer, of what the app does.

“Program draws mathematical functions. It can find roots, minimum, maxium and integrals of functions. You can also draw derivate of functions. You can add up to 20 functions to graph. IPlot has a lot of different elementary functions. For example: sin(x), ln(x) also some rare ones: csc(x)… You can do all the necessary graph manipulations: pan, zoom in and out, zoom to defined region and set graph limits by hand. See more about features in help section of program.”

When the app opens, [Read more…]