Not New…Just New Source.

I noticed in the Installer today, that a few apps were added to a new source. iQuickBlock version 1.0, ParkingLot version 1.0, Shoplist version 0.32 and GeoPedia version 0.11 were all added to the BigBoss source today. The apps themselves did not change…just a new source!

iQuickBlock 1.0

iQuickBlockiQuickBlock is a game developed by BinaryCore. The game mechanics of iQuickBlock are very simple. The player is in control of an orange block, which is controlled by dragging your finger on the screen. Your objective is to stay alive by dodging the constantly multiplying mobile green blocks. If you touch any of the green block you lose. There is a high score table, and a nice feature on the table is the ability to clear all your past scores. You can get iQuickBlock from the source.

iQuickBlock 1.0 iQuickBlock 1.0 iQuickBlock 1.0
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