WinPwn and iTunes 7.7 – Not Compatible

ais Doug just restored his iPhone to the current 1.1.4 firmware using iTunes. He then tried to use the firmware he had created via WinPwn to jailbreak his iPhone. Well, he found out the hard way that the firmware you create using WinPwn no longer works with version 7.7 of iTunes. Meaning, you cannot restore and jailbreak your iPhone using WinPwn if you have upgraded your iTunes to 7.7…even firmware 1.1.4 and below. Doug had not upgraded to 2.0, it was just a normal jailbreak of 1.1.4…the kind we have done a million times. So it seems that iTunes 7.7 breaks the WinPwn jailbreak. If you have upgraded to iTunes 7.7 and need to down grade so that you can do restore your iPhone if needed…HERE is a link to iTunes 7.5.

Note: Updating to version 7.7 of iTunes will not break your current jailbreak. However, you will not be able to restore using WinPwn if you have version 7.7. The only reason to update to iTunes 7.7 is to get the App Store. If you do not need the App Store because you are not upgrading to the 2.0 firmware…there is no need to update to version 7.7 of iTunes.

App Store Open in iTunes

So it seems some people are, or were, able to get into the app store from iTunes. If you go to Edit > Preferences > General Tab and check mark Applications you can add it to Library in iTunes. Then when Applications is highlighted there are two options in the bottom right corner, Check for Updates and Get More Applications.

Here is a list of some of the Sweet Apps I’ve found: Remote (the app by Apple to use iPhone/iPod Touch as remote control for iTunes); AIM (AOL Instant Messanger); Epocrates Rx (perscription drugs?); Enigmo (Game) – $9.99; Typepad (mobile blogging); Whrrl (mobile social networking); Salesforce Mobile; MySpace Mobile – Free; Texas Hold’em; Ebay; Twitterrific – Free; At Bat (Major League Baseball); Netter’s Anatomy; Yellowpages – $0.99; Smugshot (photography); Weatherbug – Free; Disney’s All Stars; Omnifocus – $19.99; WHERE (navigation); Bomberman (Game); Lonley Planet (travel); PayPal – Free; Super Monkey Ball (game) – $9.99; Cro-Mag Ralley (game) – $9.99; Etch A Sketch – $4.99; Bejeweled 2 – $9.99; Evernote; iFob – Free; Bank of America Mobile Banking – Free; Drummer – $4.99; Mrs. Pacman – $9.99; Pool – $4.99; Sketches – $7.99; Trism (game) – $4.99; Twitterrific Premium – $9.99; Yelp – Free; AOL Radio – Free; Pandora Radio – Free; Flashlight – $0.99; New York Times – Free;

UPDATE: I am going to continue adding apps above until you see this warning disappear, so keep refreshing! [Read more…]

iTunes 7.7 Available for Windows

3:41 AM – I was able to visit Apple’s website and download iTunes 7.7 from there. iTunes wasn’t showing an update from clicking Help > Check for Updates. It is installing now. I will update this post as I have more info.

3:53 AM – Wow, this is taking forever!!!

4:04 AM – Rebooting

4:20 AM – I see no changes reguarding the App Store.

UPDATE: Here’s the link to download for Mac or PC –

iTunes 7.7 is Now Available for Mac

iTunes 7.7 has been release but only for Macs at this time. We will keep you updated with more release info as it happens.

iTunes 7.6.2

Well, I finally had a chance to update my iTunes to version 7.6.2! Oh…for those of you who don’t know…there is an update to iTunes! :) It is a 66.19MB download and below is what Apple has to say about version 7.6.2.

Rent and download your favorite movies with iTunes on your computer or directly to your living room on Apple TV. Enjoy rented movies in sizes up to 720p HD with surround sound on your Apple TV and sizes up to DVD-quality on your computer. Transfer your rented movies from iTunes to your iPod or iPhone and enjoy them on the go.

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Updated to iTunes

I just updated my iTunes to the newest version (…so far, everything seems to be working fine, my iPhone synced with no problem. I’m not sure what the update to iTunes changes (if you do…let me know in the comments) maybe they are preparing for the release of SDK?! Anyway…so far no issues with the new version of iTunes and my 1.1.1 iPhone. Though, I only have 127.4MB of free space left…I better start uninstalling!!

Updating to iTunes 7.6

We have had a lot of questions about updating iTunes to version 7.6. Well…I finally got a chance to update! You do not need to restore your iPhone before updating and updating to iTunes 7.6 will not un-jailbreak your iPhone. Just go into iTunes….go to the Help option and select Check for Updates. It will tell you that there is an update for iTunes to version 7.6. Go ahead and download it…the file is 64.99mb and takes a minute or two to download so be patient. After it has finished downloading…you will have to restart your computer. You are then free to plug in your iPhone and sync. Just remember when you get the prompt to update to 1.1.3 make sure you do not select download and update if you want your iPhone to stay jailbroke! There are a few new features to iTunes but one of the most obvious is [Read more…]

Movies on your iPhone

Thanks to a new update to iTunes you can download movies right to your iPhone!! The movies are $2.99 to download except new releases which are $3.99. You can also get the movie in HD for $1.00 more making them $3.99 and $4.99 per download. Once you download the movie you have 30 days to start watching it and once you start watching it…you have 24 hours to finish watching it. What is really cool is that all major movie producers (and a bunch of little ones) are all included in the action!! Fox, Warner, Disney, Paramont, Universal and Sony have all jumped on board! The only downfall (though I’m not really sure it is a downfall) is that new releases will not be available for download until 30 days after they have come out on DVD. Overall…I think this is SWEET!!

Movies on iTunes

Official Press Release: [Read more…]

Restore Time :(

Well…I just had to restore my phone for maybe the third time (bound to happen when you install and uninstall as many apps as I do) though, I do feel that this restore could have been prevented.

This is what happened: I was going through some of the apps on the and decided to install the TTR alternate color. Well, I was too quick to hit install before realizing that is was a HighTymes app (they are not compatible with 1.1.1 – at least none of the apps we have tried here at have been – they are probably the cause of at least four restores on our iPhones). I do wish their apps worked better with 1.1.1 because they have some great themes…oops, sorry, that was a tangent! Anyway, I ended up having to restore after watching my iPhone randomly turn on and off and switch through apps beyond my control (click here if you want to see a video of what it looks like). So, I did what any person in this situation would do, [Read more…]