LockInfo Update – Fixes Crashing Problem

LockInfo has received a quick update to version The update will hopefully fix the issue that some people were having with their device locking up when using version of LockInfo on iOS 4.2.1. I can’t test the fix since I’m not on 4.2.1 but, if you give it a shot, let us know in the comments if the update worked for you. I also want to thank David Ashman (the developer of LockInfo) for once again quickly updating his app… good job David! :) Changelog:
Fixes freezing and crashing issues on some iDevices
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LockInfo Update – iOS 4.2.1 Compatibility, Improvements and Bug Fixes

LockInfo, a feature-packed lock screen mod, was updated to version It is a pretty decent update that includes compatibility with iOS 4.2.1, improvements and few bug fixes (full changelog below). I like the improvements to the Mail app. I especially like that, since you are now able to click on links in mail messages on the lock screen, it asks for your password before opening them… good security. Sometime that gets over-looked. I also noticed that the app’s price is $7.99 instead of the previous $4.99. Because I had already purchased the app… I’m not sure if the price change occurred with this update or if it had already gone up. Anyway, LockInfo was updated and will now work with 4.2.1! YAY!… since it is one of my favorite lock screen mods!
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Change the Font Color and Style for LockInfo

Lockinfo White Text is a mod that changes the font color and style for LockInfo (a feature-packed lock screen mod). Normally, on LockInfo, the title font is white and the rest of the text is gray. This mod changes all the text to white and italicizes the title font to help differentiate between the title and the rest of the text. This mod would come in handy if you have a lock screen background that makes it difficult to read the gray text. Overall the mod worked exactly how I expected it to. I was able to activate and deactivate it without a problem.

The mod can be activated/deactivated using WinterBoard and is available via the BigBoss source. Check out the screenshots below.
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Twitter Plugin for LockInfo

Available In: Cydia       Price: $4.99 After 14 Day Free Trial (plugin is free)  

settingsA couple updates to the plugin for LockInfo that displays Twitter on your lockscreen have come out recently. Last night the update added the users avatar and it looked great! Unfortunately it was making the hack pretty glitchy when I would scroll up and down so I had to hide it. I emailed the developer, David Ashman, and he told me he’d get an update out soon to fix it and he sure did! This morning there is another update that fixed the glitching. Now it scrolls nice and smooth and I can see the avatars of my tweeps. Thanks David!

This plugin is available through the developer’s beta source in cydia: http://david.ashman.com/beta

LockInfo Update – Fixes Auto Dim Issue

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free 14 day trial then $4.99  

##ICON_NAME## LockInfo, a feature-packed lock screen mod, was updated to version 1.1.8. The update includes a fix and a new “feature.” With the new version, the lock screen auto dim is reset when you touch the lock screen so the lock screen will no longer go dim while you are viewing LockInfo! I have actually been waiting for this exact “feature!” Below is the full change log.

Remember, LockInfo can be used in conjunction with Cydget and is available via the modmyi source.

1.1.8 Change log:
– Fixed an issue where preference updates were not being picker up in a timely fashion.
– LockInfo will not restart your dim timer when you touch the screen. This we using LockInfo from going blank when you are using LockInfo.


Clock Plugin for LockInfo

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

##ICON_NAME## Clock Plugin for LockInfo adds the current Date, Time and Calendar into the LockInfo lock screen mod.

Once installed, the option is added into the stock Settings application under the LockInfo option. In the LockInfo option you have the ability to turn on/off the Clock plugin itself and the Collapse by Default option. Once you have turned on the Clock plugin the current day of the week, month, date and time will display on your lock screen. If you tap on the Clock bar on the lock screen, it will display the current month calendar.

A nice additional to an already sweet lock screen mod! You can get LockInfo and Clock Plugin for LockInfo via the modmyi source.
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LockInfo 1.0.115 – Cydget Compatibility

Available In: Cydia       Price: 14 day trial then $4.99  

##ICON_NAME## LockInfo, a feature-packed lockscreen mod, was updated to version 1.0.115. The update fixes compatibility issues with Cydget.


LockInfo 1.0.114 – New Features

Available In: Cydia       Price: 14 day trial then $4.99  

##ICON_NAME## LockInfo, a feature-packed lockscreen mod, was recently updated to version 1.0.114. The update adds quite a few new features…. some of which are pretty cool.

The update adds a pop-up blocker option in the settings that allows you to block pop-ups on the lockscreen. Another cool change is that the mod will now display the full text messages. In the previous version it would only display the first line of the message and then give you a nice ….

There are quite a few other new features and updates… check out the full change log below. You can get LockInfo via the modmyi source.
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LockInfo – Feature Packed Lockscreen Mod

Available In: Cydia       Price: 14 day trial then $4.99  

##ICON_NAME## LockInfo, by David Ashman, is a seriously sweet mod that allows you to add information to your lockscreen such as; weather information, upcoming calendar events, missed calls, missed text messages and new emails.

Once installed, you can find LockInfo in your stock Settings application. The application is extrememly customizable and has some pretty cool features.
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