iPac3D 0.0.31

iPac3D iPac3D is a game based off of Pac-Man created by Marco Giorgini. This game is fully 3D and is based of the Yeti3D engine. The player is Pac-Man in a first person view rooming around in a labyrinth. The object is to collect all the purple cubes without being killed by a human. If you collect a certain type of cube, you will be able to kill the humans for a short amount of time. There are 15 levels in iPac3D. The game works at full speed in both portrait and landscape mode. The AI (the intelligence) of the enemy can be very bad. Sometimes they run into walls and just stay there! The controls work well because there are a good number of options but, I defiantly recommend using the accelerometer. [Read more…]

Yeti3D 0.0.25

Yeti3D is a game similar to Doom. Yeti3D is a full 3D first-person shooter game. The main point of the game is to kill all the enemies with your gun that shoots white orbs. There is only one level, so once you kill everything that is it. You have a limited amount of ammo and health. If you lose all of your health it is “game over”. There are cubes that give you more ammo and more health. Yeti3D can run in portrait or landscape mode, and it has a number of different control schemes. Though, I cannot recommend this game. [Read more…]

CubeWorld 0.0.56

CubeWorldCubeWorld is a very neat application, it allows you to look at all angles from the vantage point that the picture was taken. It has been labled as 3D, but I would disgree since you are looking at a 2D image. You can use your finger or the accelorometer to turn the angle of the camera in any direction, allowing a full 360 degree view up and down. (I still cant see the photographers feet, so there is some trickery!) [Read more…]