Warning – MobileMe Trial Subscription Ending

Many of you know that when MobileMe (me.com) was launched, you were able to sign up for a free trial to test out the new service. When you signed up for the trial subscription you were required to enter credit card information. Well, it seems that the MobileMe trial has come to an end. We received an email today, from Apple/MobileMe, stating that our credit card will be charged $95.00 on December 7th. So, as we warned you in our post about signing up for MobileMe’s trial subscription, you will need to go into your MobileMe account and cancel your subscription in order to avoid being charged the yearly fee. However, there is one catch that we were not expecting. [Read more…]

MobileMe Now Available!!!

MobileMe (me.com) is up and running…checking it out now, stay tuned!

When you go to Me.com you will get a sign-in page. If you were a current .Mac user, you should be able to use your .Mac login info. Other wise, you can choose the Sign up for Free Trial option. Here you will need to enter your Desired Member Name, Password, First Name, Last Name, Current Email Address, Country Language, Date of Birth, a Security Question and the answer to the Security Question. Once you have entered all your info, you we then be brought to a screen in which you will be asked for your billing info. The first 60 days are free after that, it is $99 a year. So, the deal is, if you forget to cancel before the 60 days is up they will automatically start billing you. You will also need to agree to the terms of service. [Read more…]

Still No MobileMe (or .Mac)

mobileme1 Well, .Mac went offline last night like they said it was going to however, we have yet to see MobileMe go online. Currently when you go to Mac.com you get a page saying This Service is Temporarily Unavailable and if you go to Me.com it forwards you to Apple’s website. I’m guessing the delay is intentional. It could be that they are waiting for the release of firmware 2.0 before they go live with MobileMe (which is rumored to be released today).

mobileme – me.com

mobilemeOk, I can’t take it any more! As much as I love writing about update and new apps….I just have to write something about iPhone 3G and the announcements Apple made yesterday during the Keynote at WWDC!!

Doug has been doing a great job of writing about the new features of the iPhone 3G, which countries it will be released in, jailbreaking the iPhone 3G, Apple/AT&T’s new activation policy, iPhone 3G and GPS, the price of the iPhone 3G, what is going to happen with the iPod Touch…not to mention photos of the iPhone 3G, the Keynote Video, the Keynote being available on iTunes, the Keynote in 60 seconds and the new iPhone 3G commercial! That seems like a lot of iPhone 3G information but, I can’t help but write about something that Apple has just announced so, [Read more…]