MobileTwitter 1.5.2

MobileTwitter The update to version 1.5.2 of MobileTwitter adds a new Update First option in the Settings. If you toggle on Update First…when you open the application it will open directly to the Update section. Which I think is a great new feature. When I open a twitter application on my iPhone it is usually because I would like to twitter something and then I go in and read all the tweets. I think I am actually going to start using MobileTwitter. I have not been happy with Twinkle’s performance lately. Though, they are still a few things I like to see changed in MobileTwitter… [Read more…]

MobileTwitter 1.5

MobileTwitter I have been testing this app for a few days (before it was publicly released tonight) and there are many updates including some color changes to black, very nice. Also, the only problem that I had with the app has been fixed, the keyboard has been moved down! Now, I don’t hit other buttons when going for the space bar. Oh, and an updated icon! Below is the full list of changes and screenshots. Mobile Twitter is available through the Ste Packaging source.
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MobileTwitter 1.4

MobileTwitter I am very excited about this app. I use twitter and have been using with great success. Now, to have it on my iPhone as an app! This app has all kinds of feature:

Your timeline (you + those you follow)
Direct messages
Public timeline
Updating your Twitter status
Reply directly to tweets from MobileTwitter
Open Tweets in MobileSafari (handy for clicking on links..)
Direct message authors of tweets [Read more…]