Getting SSH to work on the iPhone 3GS

##ICON_NAME## We are getting emails from people asking how to get SSH to work on the iPhone 3GS. The only thing that is different is that you have to change the File Protocol to SCP. Below are step-by-step instructions.

1. You will need to have a jailbroke iPhone or iPod Touch in order to SSH into your iPhone or iPod Touch. For more information on Jailbreaking, please see our F.A.Q. Page.

2. When you jailbreak your iPhone/iPod Touch, the Cydia application will be added to your SpringBoard with the rest of your applications. You will want to go into Cydia and search for the OpenSSH application. If it is not already installed, you will need to install it. [Read more…]

OpenSSH 4.6p1-2

Version 4.6p1-2 of OpenSSH is available in the through the Ste Packaging source. When you install this version you will get a little pop-up screen with the following information: “Please exit Installer and turn your iPhone off and on, after this update finishes.” This is what Ste has to say about version 4.6p1-2 of OpenSSH: [Read more…]

OpenSSH Video

Watch “OpenSSH” from your iPhone or iPod Touch

New Video – Switching from dropbear to OpenSSH on iPhone

When using OneClick to jailbreak the iPhone it installs dropbear. I wanted to switch from it to OpenSSH so I can connect to the phone over wifi and read and write files to is using WinSCP. Here is a video and some screenshots of the process:

[Read more…]