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Piano Update 1.5

Piano An update just came out in the installer.app for Piano to version 1.5. The update makes the piano a full octave…before it was one note short (only seven notes). I really didn’t think that the piano being a full octave would matter that much but, I must say, I do like the app better now!! It just sounds complete! I know the developer was concerned that the keys would be too small with an eighth key…I don’t think it is a problem at all. Now, what I am really wondering, is how he has time to update this app when tomorrow is the LAST iApp-a-Day…I am really sad about that!! I think I am actually getting all teared up (but, I can do that…I’m a girl!). Screenshots of the new piano:

Piano Update 1.5 Piano Update 1.5

Piano Update 1.4

PianoYAY!! This update to Piano is exactly what I have been waiting for!!! I’m sooooo excited. The weird staticy noise is now gone and the piano sounds great! I can even play more then one note at a time. Sean is really on the ball tonight…great job!

Piano Update 1.4

Piano Update 1.3

Piano There has just been an update in installer.app to today’s iApp-a-Day – Piano. The update vastly improves the sound of the piano…instead of the video game tones you once heard…it now sounds much more like a piano. I did find that you can only play one note at a time now. Before the update you were able to play two notes at the same. And for some reason I am still getting the weird staticy noise every time I play a note. But, I like the update…I much prefer the new sound of the piano…good job Sean.

Piano Update 1.3

iApp-a-Day – Piano

Piano The app for November 26th is “Piano”. This is a fun little app. It opens to a screen of a piano, just tap on the keys to hear the tone. However, you will not hear the typical piano sounds, according to the developer, the sound is straight out of classic 8-bit video games. The only issue I have found with this app is that you can get some weird staticy noise if you tap the key quickly…it sounds better if you hold the key down for a second or two. Other than that…very cool…one even the kids would like!! Screenshots:

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