Polar Bear Farm Ltd Apps Currently Free

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

App Store Polar Bear Farm Ltd is allowing all of their apps to be downloaded for free from the App Store due to the companies first Birthday. Which means you can get Duck Shoot, Record, Telegram and Note Pad for free. Duck Shoot was previously $0.99, Record was previously $1.99, Telegram was previously $5.99 and Note Pad was previously $2.99. So, go get them while they are free!!

Duck Shooticonicon



Note Padiconicon

Twinkle 0.7

Twinkle I was soo excited when I woke up this morning and saw Twinkle in the Installer!! When Doug wrote about it the other day…it was still in private beta! But, now everyone can enjoy it!! I really like this twitter app, better than all the others I have used. There doesn’t seem to be any new features from the things Doug talked about in the Last Post about Twinkle. So, install and enjoy! Twinkle is available through the Polar Bear Farm source.

Twinkle 0.7

Amaze-on 0.1

Amaze-On Amaze-On is an app that allows you to quickly search Amazon.com. It is a very simple app…all it does is open to a screen in which you can enter what you would like to search for. From there, it will open a web browser with the results on Amazon’s website. However, there are a few catches. One, it only searches for results within music and DVD’s. Two, whoever created the app is getting commission off everything that is bought after using Amaze-On to search Amazon (and maybe even just from people searching). [Read more…]

ShowTime 1.11b

ShowTime ShowTime gives you the ability to record video on your iPhone! The free version allows you to record 5 second clips…if you donate to the app you are able to record for an unlimited amount of time based on the amount of space remaining on your iPhone. The videos are captured at 6 frames per second at a resolution of 320×427. The app opens to the main screen. To start recording a video just tap the circle in the lower left corner of the screen. As the video records it displays the amount of time you have been recording on the lower menu bar. Once you have recorded a video… [Read more…]