Hide Stock Apple Apps in iOS 7.1

Today I found a video showing a quick way to hide Stock Apple apps on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 7.1 firmware. You do not need to be jailbroken for this to work, however, the apps will come back after powering off your device and turning it back on. Follow the steps carefully and you should be able to hide the icons you want (temporarily). If you want to hide stock apps without them coming back, jailbreak your device and install “Poof”. This allows you to hide stock apps without coming back. [Read more…]

1.1.4 App Updates

The following apps have been updated, in the last few days, to work with 1.1.4….they do not have any visual changes, just compatibility fixes.

Bookmarlets 1.20
BossPrefs 1.55
Categories 1.71
Caterpillar 1.0v2
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Poof 1.10

Poof Version 1.10 of Poof has some pretty cool improvements. It now has added support for hiding and unhiding the Camera and Photos app but, what is really cool, is that is now comes with the MobileAddressBook app. When you open Poof…you can go into the hidden apps and you will see MobileAddressBook if you tap it and unhide it it will add a stand-alone Contacts icon on your SpringBoard. I personally think this is really cool! Version 1.0 and above of Poof will only work with firmware 1.1.3. Also due to updates with both Categories and Poof… [Read more…]

Poof Update 1.00

Poof BigBoss has updated Poof to version 1.00 making it compatible with ONLY version 1.1.3. The previous version could be installed on any version of FW…however, if you try to install version 1.00 on any FW other then 1.1.3 it will not install. You will get a pop-up saying that “Poof’s method of hiding icons is all that works on 1.1.3, but it is incompatible to Customize’s method. So use Customize on less then 1.1.3 devices.” If you have installed the previous version of Poof on FW other than 1.1.3… [Read more…]

Poof 0.50

Poof Poof is an app that allows you to hide and unhide icons on your SpringBoard. This app is aimed mainly towards version 1.1.3 users but, can be used on any version of the iPhone. Poof opens to an alphabetical list of all the 3rd party apps you have installed. To hide an app just tap on the red circle to the left of it which will bring up a a delete button…tap on it. This will not delete the app off your iPhone it will just hide it. Once you have done this to all the apps you would like hidden, [Read more…]