RainbowLight Update 2.5

RainbowLight I just did the update for RainbowLight to version 2.5…the only noticeable difference is a new “loading” screen when you first open the app. It wasn’t the update I was waiting for (one that keeps your light color when you reopen the app) but, a loading screen is cool too…better then just staring at blackness!! Here are the screenshots:

RainbowLight Update 2.5 RainbowLight Update 2.5


RainbowLight This is a new app from the ModMyiFone source. If you use the app Light you will love this one too. The app opens to a blank screen, just tap the screen to get a color to come up. You can then change the color of the screen by dragging your finger vertically (top to bottom) on the right side of the screen. To change the brightness of the color on the screen just drag your finger horizontally (left to right). The colors fade from one to another creating a large color gradient. You can also go from black to white by dragging your finger vertically (top to bottom) on the left side of the screen. If you want to get to a white screen quickly just tap in the bottom left corner. If you want to get to a black screen quickly just tap on the top left corner. The only downfall to this app is it doesn’t keep your color when you reopen the app. I would love for mine to open to the color in the screenshot below!

RainbowLight RainbowLight RainbowLight