How to Take Screenshots

I get a lot of questions from people asking how we take our screenshots. There are actually a few ways to take screenshots…I have used all of them (sometimes all of them to take screenshots for one post)! Below are some of the options.

The Dock application comes with a screenshot feature. A lot of people miss it because the screenshot icon is grayed out. To take a screenshot with Dock you just bring up the screen you would like to take a screenshot of and then open the Starbust that Dock puts in the lower right corner of your iPhone. [Read more…]

ScreenShot Update 1.1

ScreenShotI was really excited when this update came out because I’ve never gotten this app to work right. Well, unfortunately I still can’t get it to work. It seems to have some great new features like file type, saving path, button location but it just makes my iPhone crash. My guess is that it’s not compatible with Dock. I uninstalled it through but that didn’t rescue my iPhone. [Read more…]