Simplify Media Mobile

Simplify Media This is another great app. Works great and has purpose. It allows you to stream music from iTunes, Winamp or just any folders you choose to your iPhone or iPod Touch. It only works on wifi but you can be anywhere. So for example I set up the service on a computer at work and can access the music from home. Even better, you can share your music with up to 30 other friends. They just need a Simplify Media account and install their software on your computer. They have it for Mac, Windows and Linux. You can download the software online at and the app is available through the Ste source.

I tested this streaming from my desk computer at work which was pulling .mp3s from our backup server of everyone’s iTunes :) It’s on cable internet and I’m at home on DSL. So now when I’m at home or work or anywhere there is wifi I can access all my music without worrying about my iPhone’s 8GB limit. I just need to get a few friends set up with the service and I’ll have tons of music at my finger tips!

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