AiS Holiday Product Review Marathon

##ICON_NAME## We are about to start a Product Review Marathon! With the Holiday season coming up, we thought we would start reviewing iPhone and iPod touch accessories. Hopefully it will help you with some of your Christmas shopping! Below is a list (not a complete one) of some of the accessories we will be reviewing over the next month or so. We will keep you posted as we add more to the list.

Some of the up-coming reviews include;

Dry Case iPhone & iPod touch Case
Distinctive Style iPhone Cases
Otter Box Commuter iPhone case
Otter Box Commuter TL iPhone case
iSkin solo FX iPhone case
iSkin solo iPhone case
iSkin revo2 iPhone case
iSkin touch Vibes iPod touch case
mophie juice pack air iPhone Battery Pack
Scosche kickBACK iPhone case
Joby: Gorillamobile
Ten One Design: Soundclip
ZOFUNK iPhone Cases

The first review, of the Dry Case, will be coming soon!

AiS Technical Difficulties

AiS Hey guys, you may have noticed that articles keep appearing, disappearing and reappearing from our website today. You are not going crazy (though, I thought I was for a while)… we are having some technical difficulties. We will get things back to normal as soon as possible. Doug does all that website building/fixing stuff so it’s up to him to fix it! :)

PS. For those of you wondering (Nate and Alan) why we would take a vacation in Wisconsin (we were on vacation last week)… it is because there is this ten mile stretch of nothing but apple trees and orchards that I love to go to! We go in the fall because the drive is absolutely beautiful and the orchards are at their prime. We did get snowed on this year which was crazy. Below is a pic (before it all melted). The only bad part about taking a vacation in the middle of nowhere is sketchy internet… it was terrible!

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AIS Mentioned on MacBreak Weekly

Apple iPhone SchoolA few days ago I got a few messages that we were mentioned on MacBreak weekly about our article explaining how to get MMS on the iPhone early. It’s pretty funny because they all rip on MMS and how no one uses it. Here’s a clip from the show. You can see the whole thing here.

AiS News – Fixed Email Subscription

##ICON_NAME## Yesterday, Doug received a tweet saying that our AppleiPhoneSchool email subscription was not working so he took a look at it and indeed it was not working. However, he fixed it last night and it is now working properly. We apologize to those of you who tried to sign up for our emails and were unable to. You can sign up to receive AppleiPhoneSchool’s emails using the sign-up on the right side bar of the website.

AppleiPhoneSchool Mobile Site Update

AiS Today, Doug updated AppleiPhoneSchool’s mobile site. The update adds some new features such as; easier access to tags and categories, ability to email, tweet or share posts, ability to change the font size and we have added a few more links to the drop down menu. But, best of all, the posts no longer jump back to the top when it’s finish loading… YAY! Check out the screenshots below. [Read more…]

iPhone Epic Fail

AiS Yesterday, I did the one thing that every iPhone and iPod touch user is convinced will never happen to them… I shattered my iPhone. Yep, my iPhone finally took that fatal fall. To be honest, I have dropped my iPhone on multiple occasions so, when it took a dive yesterday, I wasn’t too concerned. I picked it up, brushed it off and almost put it in my purse without looking at it. For some reason, I took a quick glance and to my horror the lower forth of my iPhone was completely shattered!

It took a second for the full implications of what had just happened to set in. After the initial shock wore off, sadness seeped in. My beautiful, smooth iPhone was now cracked and jagged. It looked awful! [Read more…]

Rackspace Cloud 1.0 for iPhone

Coming Soon: App Store       Price: ??  

Rackspace CloudFor those of you who may not have noticed, our host has changed it’s name from Mosso to The Rackspace Cloud. Really, Mosso was always a company running via Rackspace. You can read more about the name change here.

Now, for the iPhone related news. The Rackspace Cloud has recently announced they are releasing API’s. This gives developers the tools and info to create apps that interact with the cloud. Someone has already started developing an iPhone app. Not a lot of details were given, but a lot of screenshots were. Check out the screenshots below. The developer states in the comments on his blog that, “The plan is to submit it this week. It’s currently in the hands of a few people at Rackspace to test and verify functionality.” [Read more…]

Happy 4th of July!

AiS From everyone here at….Happy Independence Day. We hope that you get to spend time celebrating with family and friends! A big thank you to the men and women who have fought (and still are fighting) for our great country. We love you guys and are praying for you.

Doug and I took our boys to see fireworks last night and are going to hit-up some more tonight! Fun times.

P.S. Don’t forget sunscreen!

New iPhone Alerts Twitter Feed

iPhone Alerts We have added a new iPhone Alerts Twitter feed to the right side of the website. Here you will see iPhone announcements, breaking news, sweet new apps…basically any new information about the iPhone or iPod Touch. The info is hand-picked and will be very up-to-date. You can view it on the side of our website or you can follow it on Twitter.
[Read more…]

Waiting in Line for the iPhone 3GS [liveblog]

aisThe following is my experience waiting in line for the iPhone 3GS. I will be live streaming video later once we get closer to opening (7:00am CT) (didn’t live stream due to rain)

9:07am – Doug has his new iPhone 3GS which he says “Rocks!” Seemed like a painless process and MUCH faster than last year and the iPhone 3G. He is headed home to sync. :)

8:52am – Hi, this is Brooke. I have been instructed to update Doug’s post for him. They let him into the AT&T store early (before the 10:00am time mentioned previously) so, he is currently in the process of getting his new iPhone 3GS. I have a feeling there will not be any video this time around like there has been in the past. It didn’t work out this time. But, Doug should have info about his new iPhone 3GS soon. YAY! [Read more…]

Updated About Page

AiS Hi guys! I just updated our About page to include all of our writers and their Twitter accounts…check it out!

New Writer to – JMCato

AiS We are adding yet another writer you the AppleiPhoneSchool team!! We are totally excited to add Justin (yes, another Justin) to the team! During the day, Justin spends his time as a professional photographer…seriously, how cool is that! He attended Des Moines Area Community College for one year before transferring to Hallmark Institute of Photography in Turner Falls, MA where he received a certificate of completion. Justin likes to spend his spare time playing guitar, shooting pics, playing Xbox and (of course) mastering his iPhone. Speaking of which, Justin stood in line for an hour and half on July 11, 2008 in order to purchase his black 8GB iPhone 3G.
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AppleiPhoneSchool Site Update

AiS If you haven’t noticed already, Doug made a few changes to the bottom of the website. He replaced the previous App Store info with more specific topics (such as Themes and Games). Personally, I like it better than the App Store info…take a look at it and let me know what you think.

New Writer to

AiS A couple months ago, we added David to the AppleiPhoneSchool team (who is doing an awesome job!). Well, we are excited to add yet another member to the team. Usually I write a little intro paragraph about new writers but, I thought I would try a different format this time around…Q&A! So, here we go…lets learn a little bit about Justin. [Read more…]

Testing Firmware 3.0

AppleI just started testing firmware 3.0 tonight and I thought I’d share what I’ve noticed so far. I upgraded straight from a jailbroken 2.2 firmware. First, a few things stuck around like my carrier logo. I used MakeItMine to change it from AT&T to ahhyeah and it stuck. Another weird thing is the battery percentage shows up near my battery level. I used to have a hack that made it switch to numbers when tapped on, but now it is next to it and it has a % sign that wasn’t there before. Another huge thing for me was the Emoji keyboard. I was sad I was going to have to go without it, but it stayed too.

[Read more…]