SpeedRun 1.2

SpeedRun The update to SpeedRun 1.2, a Labyrinth style game, makes a few changes to the application. When the application opens, you will notice that the lower menu bar has changed. Instead of the middle options being Replays it has been changed to Players (though, don’t worry, the replays haven’t been removed from the application!). When you click on players, you are able to Rename the local player (that is you) by selecting Rename in the upper left corner. You will also notice that in the Levels option, there are new Level Packs. If you select a level pack, you will see the Replays option. If you select Replays in the upper right corner, it will ask if you would like to Synchronize Results. If you select Synchronize Results, [Read more…]

SpeedRun 1.0

SpeedRun SpeedRun is a Labyrinth style game. However, unlike Labyrinth or aMaze,this application is free. When you open SpeedRun you will see a lower menu bar with three options; Levels, Replays and About. If you select Levels, you will notice four level packs. When you select a level pack, you will get a list of all the levels avialable in that pack. There are about 34 levels total…14 in the Alena Levels Pack, 4 in the By Friends Pack, 5 in the Experimental Levels Pack and 10 in the Labyrinth Demo Levels Pack.

Once you have selected a Level Pack, [Read more…]