Add Emoticons to the Status Bar

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

MakeItMine I know many of you are probably familiar with the app MakeItMine which allows you to easily customize your Carrier Logo and Banner (that is the area where the time is located on the Status Bar). One cool thing that I just found is that you can add emoticons to your Status Bar using MIM (MakeItMine).

When you open the app, just enter the emoticons like you would your custom text (see note below). Simple and easy.
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Splitter 0.4.0

Splitter Splitter is an app that allows you to split your bill between multiple parties or just calculate the tip amount on a single bill. I really like this app because for some reason I can’t take my bill and add 20% to it without taking an hour…so, I just open this app and it takes like 10 seconds to figure out! Ok…so, when the app opens you will see two option at the bottom of the screen; Group and Solo…to choose one, just tap on it. If you select Group… [Read more…]