SpringDial 0.9996

SpringDial The update to version 0.9996 of SpringDial finally makes it compatible with my iPhone!! I was soooo sad when version 0.9994 did not work!! This is one of my Top Ten Apps! The only visual change to the app is in the News Section. There is a poll in which you can pick one of three icons that you think should be SpringDial’s new icon. I also noticed that when you create a speed-dial for a contact that does not have a photo assigned to them, it now puts the stock Phone icon for that speed-dial. In previous versions is used the SpringDial app icon for a contact with no photo. I’m honestly not sure [Read more…]

SpringDial 0.9994

SpringDialSince the last time I did a review of SpringDial there have been a few options added. Once the app is open…there are two new options on the lower menu bar; Donate and News. The app actually opens to the News page. It just gives you info about SpringDial and Disclaimer. Other than that, there are no changes in the functionality of the app. However, I can’t seem to get this version to work. Every time I create a SpeedDial, it says that it has been created but when I close the app it makes my iPhone act all crazy (flashing white screen…not good!). Once I finally get it back the the SpringBoard, [Read more…]

SpringDial 0.998b

springdial This app is really sweet! SpringDial allows you to add a photo speed dial to your SpringBoard. When you open the app you will get a list of all your contacts. If you have more than one number for a contact it will list each number separately for that contact…just tap on the contact (and their number) you would like to add to your SpringBoard. You will get a little pop-up giving you a warning about the 80 app limit (read it carefully) and then you will get a pop-up where you can enter what you would like the contact titled as on your SpringBoard and one more pop-up asking if it is ok to create the speed dial. After you have entered all the information and have tapped OK… [Read more…]