Customize 2.0.0B9

Customize There are no visual changes to version 2.0.0B9 of Customize. Just some bug fixes and efficiently upgrades. Customize is avilable through the Ste Packaging source.

Customize 2.0.0B9

Simplify Media Mobile

Simplify Media This is another great app. Works great and has purpose. It allows you to stream music from iTunes, Winamp or just any folders you choose to your iPhone or iPod Touch. It only works on wifi but you can be anywhere. So for example I set up the service on a computer at work and can access the music from home. Even better, you can share your music with up to 30 other friends. They just need a Simplify Media account and install their software on your computer. They have it for Mac, Windows and Linux. You can download the software online at and the app is available through the Ste source.

I tested this streaming from my desk computer at work which was pulling .mp3s from our backup server of everyone’s iTunes :) It’s on cable internet and I’m at home on DSL. So now when I’m at home or work or anywhere there is wifi I can access all my music without worrying about my iPhone’s 8GB limit. I just need to get a few friends set up with the service and I’ll have tons of music at my finger tips!

More about the application… [Read more…]

SpringDial 0.9996

SpringDial The update to version 0.9996 of SpringDial finally makes it compatible with my iPhone!! I was soooo sad when version 0.9994 did not work!! This is one of my Top Ten Apps! The only visual change to the app is in the News Section. There is a poll in which you can pick one of three icons that you think should be SpringDial’s new icon. I also noticed that when you create a speed-dial for a contact that does not have a photo assigned to them, it now puts the stock Phone icon for that speed-dial. In previous versions is used the SpringDial app icon for a contact with no photo. I’m honestly not sure [Read more…]

MPG 1.0.3

MPG Version 1.0.3 of MPG, adds a few new features. Though, I must be honest, I hadn’t truely used this app to it’s full capacity until this week-end. We are traveling and decided to use MPG to keep track of our gas miliage. It works surprisingly well. Everytime we get gas, we just get a recipe, enter a few quick numbers into the app and voilĂ …it calculates our miles per gallon! We are currently getting 29.20 mpg! Not too bad! Though, we did pay 3.479 dollars per gallon, which is the highest we have ever paid! Anyway! On to the updates! [Read more…]

Pool 2.0

Pool There are a ton of new features in version 2.0 of Pool! Instead of playing single player against yourself, as in the previous version, you can now play Two-Player and Vs. Computer! These are both long awaited features that I am totally stoked to see them finally implemented!! Another sweet new feature is that the games are saved when you exit the app!! The next time you open the app, just select Load Last Game. There are also some new options in the Settings; [Read more…]

MobileScrobbler 1.4.3-2

MobileScrobbler MobileScrobbler is a client made by Sam Steele. Let me start of by saying that this application is AMAZING!!!! The whole point of is to discover and share music. Once you install the application, you have to log into your account by going into your Settings and then selecting MobileScrobbler (the settings for the app are added as an option in the stock In the MobileScrobbler settings you are able to disable scrobble, which is the act of posting information about the song you played last on your iPhone or iPod Touch to your profile. You can also change the theme, enable or disable gestures, popup controls, and discovery mode. Once you open the application, [Read more…]

SpringDial 0.9994

SpringDialSince the last time I did a review of SpringDial there have been a few options added. Once the app is open…there are two new options on the lower menu bar; Donate and News. The app actually opens to the News page. It just gives you info about SpringDial and Disclaimer. Other than that, there are no changes in the functionality of the app. However, I can’t seem to get this version to work. Every time I create a SpeedDial, it says that it has been created but when I close the app it makes my iPhone act all crazy (flashing white screen…not good!). Once I finally get it back the the SpringBoard, [Read more…]

MPG 1.0.2

MPG There a few changes in version 1.0.2 of MPG. There are two new icons available to choose from – an RV and a SmartCar. Metric (km/L) has been added as an option in the Units section. I also noticed that it is available in a few languages…I know Spanish and Portuguese were added with the previous version however, the app is also available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian and Swedish. That is quite a few languages! MPG is available through the Ste Packaging source.

MPG 1.0.2 MPG 1.0.2 MPG 1.0.2

iPhoneHome 0.8

iPhoneHome I was excited to see this app in the Installer! I used iPhoneHome everyday when I was on 1.1.1! I actually emailed the developer of this app before I upgraded to 1.1.4 asking him if he was going to update his app so that it would work with 1.1.3 and above (that is how much I loved it!!). He had emailed me back saying he was in the process of upgrading it. So, I guess today is the day! I tested it and it works great! It also has a slightly new look. [Read more…]

AVPlayer 0.2

AVPlayer AVPlayer allows you to play videos stored on your iPhone without loading YouTube or iPod. You will need Finder to open the files. Open finder and add the following file associations under the settings:


I’ve created a couple folders on my iPhone to hold my music and videos. I put them in /private/var/mobile/Library/ I named them Dougs Videos & Dougs Music. Now I just open Finder and double tap the files to play. It’s not so great for music because [Read more…]


Mrmr Below is a video showing how you can use the app Mrmr for VJing. Mrmr is an app that “Lets DJ’s and VJ’s mix audio and video directly from their iPhone.” It pretty much allows you to wirelessly control and mix audio/video based on the interfaces you create in the app…making it perfect for VJing. To learn more about VJing…check out THIS Wiki link.

DropCopy 1.0.1

DropCopy Version 1.0.1 makes a few change to DropCopy. Here are the changes according to the sources’ website: “Fixed permissions on 3 files; handles more file types; added a fullscreen quickview option and quickview button is easier to tap.” Other than that…the app functions the same as in the previous version. DropCopy is available through the Ste Packaging source.

iXboxLive 1.6

iXboxLive This app is pretty simple but hopefully will grow with time. You can add anyone’s Xbox Gamertag and then see a widget style box with gamer info. Install from the Ste Packaging Source.

iXboxLive 1.6 Icon iXboxLive 1.6 Loading iXboxLive 1.6 Add [Read more…]

Top 5 TTR Themes!

TTR TTR has been a huge success, and with the rising popularity, there have been some great user made themes for it. Since there are good amounts of themes, I decided to select the top 5 themes. This is obviously my opinion, so feel free to disagree :), also add any themes you like in your comment, or how you would reorder my list.

In order to install any of these themes, just copy and past the files into your Applications/ folder on your iPhone/iPod by using SSH. TTR is available through the Ste Packaging source.
[Read more…]

TTR 1.4

TTR Tap Tap Revolution (TTR) has to be one of my all time favorite iPhone apps!! If you haven’t tried it…you are totally missing out! Version 1.4 of TTR now makes the app compatible with 1.1.3 firmware and above!! Very cool! I believe there was a fix through BigBoss to make the previous version of TTR work on 1.1.3 and above but, you do not need that anymore! Besides the firmware compatibility update, [Read more…]