SwirlyMMS 0.3.6

SwirlyMMS Good news!! Version 0.3.6 of SwirlyMMS makes it compatible with firmware 1.1.3 and above! Also, since my last review of this app…there has been one very cool new feature added…the ability to receive Multi-Media texts!! Which is totally cool however, in order to view the MMS you have to, “use a viewer, like MobilePreview and a file browser, e.g. MobileFinder and browse to the folder where the received images are stored: ~/Media/MMSFiles.”! Other than that… [Read more…]

Labyrinth 1.1.0

Labyrinth It had been a while since I had sat down and played Labyrinth and while I was checking it out for this post…I remember how much I love this game!! Version 1.1.0 of Labyrinth makes one visual change that I noticed but, it does have a few other behind-the-scenes changes that are cool too. The visual change comes when you are playing a game…you can now tap on the screen and it will bring up this nice little menu screen overlay where you can go to the next level or the previous level or go back to the main menu….it also tells you what level you are on. The rest of the behind-the-scenes changes are [Read more…]

Pushr 0.6

Pushr Pushr is another app that allows you to send images in your Camera Roll directly to Flickr. When you open Pushr you will see a thumbnails of all the images in your Camera Roll…you can delete any images from the list you do not want to be uploaded by swiping your finger on it (this will only delete them out of Pushr not out of your Camera Roll). Then…just tap the Push to Flickr button. You will see each image being sent to Flickr. There are no options at this time for adding titles, descriptions, tags….etc. Though… [Read more…]

iFlickr 0.8

iFlickr iFlickr is an app that allows you to upload images from the Camera Roll straight to your Flickr account. The app opens to a page where you can take a photo, view the images in your Camera Roll or go into the Settings. You will want to set up the settings first (icon in the lower right corner)…you will need to add your Flickr account info and then just set the rest of the settings which include turning on/off Save on iPhone, Upload as Private and Geolocation. Now, once you hit Configure Flickr and are back on the main screen…you can go into your Camera Roll using the icon in the lower left corner. From here… [Read more…]

SpringDial 0.998b

springdial This app is really sweet! SpringDial allows you to add a photo speed dial to your SpringBoard. When you open the app you will get a list of all your contacts. If you have more than one number for a contact it will list each number separately for that contact…just tap on the contact (and their number) you would like to add to your SpringBoard. You will get a little pop-up giving you a warning about the 80 app limit (read it carefully) and then you will get a pop-up where you can enter what you would like the contact titled as on your SpringBoard and one more pop-up asking if it is ok to create the speed dial. After you have entered all the information and have tapped OK… [Read more…]


InsomniaThis is the application I have waited for. When activated it allows your programs to run while the iPhone is sleeping, ie. locked. This is especially exciting for LowJack, as it will allow location reporting all the time now. Insomnia is available from Ste Packaging under the Utilities category. Once installed you will see the icon on your springboard. Tap to open it, and you will see the splash screen (see screenshot) and then it will close. Then you will notice the icon will now have a badge that says “On”. Open the app again to turn it off. Simple and easy, the way we like. :) Check out the screen shots below! [Read more…]

DropCopy 0.461

DropCopy Version 0.461 of DropCopy should fix the issues everyone was having with the app installing but not running. Give it a try and let me know if it is working for you. DropCopy is available through the Ste Packaging source.

DropCopy 0.461

MPG 1.0.1

MPG Version 1.0.1 of MPG brings with it a new icon! Which I must say I do like better! Another cool part of this version is that is adds two additional translations…making it now available in both Spanish and Portuguese (which is cool since Doug is in Brazil at the moment and surrounded by Portuguese speaking people!). There was also an important bug fix that changes it so [Read more…]

MPG 1.0

MPG MPG is an extensive app that allows you to keep track of a variety of expenses for your vehicles. Everything from fuel economy to services done to trip information….and it can keep track of all of this on more than one vehicle. The app opens to a blank menu screen where your Vehicles will be listed. To add a vehicle tap the plus button in the lower left corner. This will bring up a ton of info you can add about the vehicle including; the Title for that vehicle, the icon you want for the vehicle, the units of measurement you use (miles-gal), odometer, VIN number, License Plate number, Engine Size, Tire Size, Notes and Delete Vehicle. Once you have all the information entered… [Read more…]

DropCopy 0.46

DropCopy Version 0.46 of DropCopy now makes it compatible with 1.1.4. Other than that, I only see one small visual change…in the prefs, there is now an option to check for updates. That could have been there in a previous version and I just didn’t notice it but, either way, it is still cool! DropCopy is available through the Ste Packaging source.

P.S. I really like this app…if you haven’t already, you should check it out!! Read more about it HERE.

DropCopy 0.46 DropCopy 0.46

imFlow 0.8

imFlow imFlow is a Cover Flow way to view the photos on your iPhone. It pulls the images from your Camera Roll and displays them Cover Flow style. If you do not have any images in your Camera Roll it will bring up the images in your last Photo Album. However, every time I open this app is just crashes and goes back to the SpringBoard. I am running it on 1.1.1 and I changed all the permissions to 755. [Read more…]

Search 1.08.1b

Search Version 1.08.1b makes Search compatible with 1.1.4. Honestly…I had forgotten how useful this app can be! It has been a while since I have done a post about it (because nothing has come out about it) but, while witting this post I remembered how much I like this app! I also noticed a feature that I never noticed in the past…I don’t know if I just missed it or if it is new… [Read more…]

Chess 1.7

Chess I do not see any visual change with version 1.7 of Chess however, there were a ton of bug fixes (more then I can even begin to describe!). If you would like to see a complete list of all the fixes check out the full change log. Chess is available through both the Robota Software source.

Chess 1.7

What is up with the Installer!

If you have refreshed your sources tonight and been overwhelmed by the amount of apps in the Recent Packages section…you are not the only one! The reason for so many apps is due to the fact that the Installer update has allowed for a “Sponser Tag” in which Ste Packaging can put the, BW: PolarBearFarm.com. You will notice that the BW: PolarBearFarm.com has moved from the description field to the top of every app from Ste and now says Package s/b PolarBearFarm.com or Package s/b Freeit4Less.com. This is really cool because now you are able to see the full description of apps again! It does mean however [Read more…]

Pool 1.2

Pool Version 1.2 of Pool is now available through the Ste Packaging source instead of the iPod Touch Fans source. So, this update will actually show up in the Recent Packages section of the Installer and not the Updates section. There is one new feature in the Settings and that is the ability to change the ball size…you can pick between size 16 or 18. Also, the carpet background that was added in version 1.1 has been removed… [Read more…]